Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Our Crosman grips and 2240 forearms have been in the works for a while now and they’re almost here. I know they’ve been anticipated, because I’ve been inundated… with emails about them. The grips have been heavily iterated, opinionated, deliberated, and discriminated. The worst of the iterated were obliterated and eliminated. The best and most innovated of features were assimilated and integrated. I know grips can be subjective and debated. But I’m confident that these will be vindicated. Thank you if you participated! I’m sorry, I was inspired…ated.

Here’s a preview:

The forearm could include a picatinny rail, but it will likely be ugly and not quite allow for a comfortable grip. It can be done, and I have the model, so just say the word. But don’t dog on me for the ugliness. You’ve been warned. They will be very securely mounted with a screw securing it to the barrel band and the trigger guard. I’ll give more details on that later.

The grips are pretty plain. There’s no thumb shelf, ergonomical, anatomical, or uneconomical features. But I assure you. They will be comfortable, supportable, and affordable. I’ve added the honeycomb pattern(I know). Pretty soon I’ll add the honeycomb to our 13XX and 2240 suppressors and then the circle will be complete. Anywho, I’m so confident in these grips that I’ve incorporated my very own visage into the 3d prints. The exact imprint of my face will be on every grip as a sign of my confidence in the design and craftsmanship of each grip:

Coming very soon…

Merry Christmas and thanks for lookin’ y’all!


Umarex Gauntlet Suppressor

Sorry to blow up your mailbox. I’ve been busy. I’ll probably be radio silent for a bit closer to Christmas, through the New Year, and a while after that while I focus on the manufacturing side of things more than the design side. Anyway, I digress.

The Umarex Gauntlet suppressor is here. It’s printed in Polycarbonate, replaces the baffle clamshell thingamajiggy, and threads directly into the shroud. It works great, looks cool, and is cheap. What more could you ask for? Don’t answer that.

Here’s the cross-section for this one:

Check that out here: Umarex Gauntlet Suppressor

And for those who are still readin’. The ATF approved my Form 1 so that I can 3d print one silencer for my Hammerli TAC R1 rimfire .22. That is on the printer as I type this. I’d to make an interesting video on that early next year. Stay tuned.

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


AirForce TalonP Suppressor

The Airforce TalonP suppressor is finally here. It is 3d printed in ABS. It’s a direct fit and does not require any adapter or hardware. It just replaces the stock shroud cap. It comes in either .177/.22 or .25 caliber. It’s a pretty straight-forward design. We’ve used this one more than any other suppressor before it’s release. My eldest son likes shooting big pellets at 3d printed targets so this .25 caliber airgun and suppressor has gotten a LOT of use. View the cross-section below:

You can see that there is an O-ring groove for installing the stock O-ring if you choose. I didn’t notice any difference with the O-ring installed, but it didn’t hurt to include this feature. Check out the listing here: TalonP Suppressor

The Pistol Grip and Forearm pictured above are also for sale. You can view those here: AirForce Grip and Forearm

The buttstock is not for sale. It needs a little love before I would feel good about selling it. It’s on my growing list…

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


Crosman SBR, R1, AK1, A4-P Suppressor

Crosman SBR, R1, AK1, A4-P Suppressor

This will be a big week for new product drops from Buck-Rail. Our latest suppressor is an M14 X 1.00 Left Hand thread that was designed with some of the Crosman full-auto airguns in mind. It is 3D printed in Polycarbonate plastic and the threads are hand-tapped. Unlike our Chaser suppressor and 1/2 UNF suppressor there will be no stainless helical inserts. Check that out here:

Also, I’ve relisted the M4-177 Suppressor kit with some improvements. I’ve changed the slot geometry to allow for accessories with square cross-bars and added a few more slots for greater mounting flexibility. I’ve also improved the print quality (that one guy really didn’t approve).

I’ve made this same change to the slot geometry on the Dr. Murfee mounts, Crosman mounts, and Chaser Barrel Bands. I’ll get the pictures updated soon. This week I will try hard to get the following items listed:

  • Umarex Gauntlet Suppressor in .177/.22 and .25 caliber
  • Air Venturi Avenger Suppressor in .177/.22 and .25 caliber
  • AirForce TalonP Suppressor in .177/.22 and .25 caliber
  • Benjamin Sheridan Picatinny/Dovetail combination mounts

What’s in the works? Too much to list. The hot items right now are grips for the Crosman 2240, 13XX, Marauder, etc. and a forearm for the 2240. I’ve completed the forearm design, but I need to test and source hardware for the installation. I’ve made a lot of grips, but I’m just not pleased with any of them. I’ll post on these when they’re done done!

I love my new vocation, I appreciate your support and encouragement, and I’m working hard to keep this thang moving!

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


Akela Suppressor, Tri-Rail, and Crosman Adapter

3 new products are ready to ship! I’ve added a Benjamin Akela Suppressor, Benjamin Akela Tri-Rail, and finally got our new 1/2-20 adapters for 7/16ish (11mm) Crosman barrels. The Akela rail and Crosman adapters were both requested by a lot of folks. Thanks for your patience on the adapters. It was a trial getting those sourced at a good price. Depending on how much interest there is I may also make one with a front sight post. Check these all out in the links below!

Thank you for your support. I will keep saying it. I’m super grateful that I can do this full-time and will keep working hard to provide great stuff at great prices. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

Marauder, Armada, Fortitude, and More

I’ve just dropped another suppressor. It’s much like the P-Rod suppressor, but larger. It has the same honeycomb pattern and is printed from the same super tough Polycarbonate. This one is compatible with 5 airguns that I know of. I’ve tested it on my Benjamin Fortitude and it works fantastically. It’s also compatible with the Benjamin Marauder Rifle, Benjamin Armada, Seneca Aspen, and the ATI Nova Freedom. From what I understand all of these airguns have a 7/8″ shroud with Female Right Hand 13/16-28 threads.

That can be found here:

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


Benjamin P-Rod Suppressor

Benjamin Marauder Pistol Suppressor

It’s finally here. A direct fit threaded suppressor for the Benjamin P-Rod that will not break the bank.

The Benjamin Marauder Pistol is our go-to airgun for backyard shooting lately. It’s been a lot of fun making new accessories for it and testing them out. Needless to say, my boys have been very willing helpers in this endeavor as well. So far, I’ve made a clamp-on accessory mount, adjustable stock, upgraded forearm, and now I’ve added another suppressor to the mix! Here are some of the details.

Let’s start with the guts. It’s pretty self-explanatory, I think. Take a look inside in the cross-section below:

P-Rod Suppressor Cross-Section

For the outside, I’ve given it a honeycomb patterned finish. This does three things:

  • Hides surface imperfection common in 3d printed parts.
  • Adds texture for gripping with your hand during installation and removal.
  • Makes it look cool and unique, of course!

The suppressor is 3D printed by yours truly in my garage and outbuilding in the great state of Texas. The polymer used for this suppressor is high impact and high toughness Polycarbonate. The threads are chased with an 11/16-24 thread die for a consistent and precise fit. They tend to be on the tight side, so I recommend applying a PTFE or Silicone-based lubricant on the threads before installation.

This suppressor is compatible with .177 and .22 caliber. It should work for the Crosman 1720 as well, but I haven’t yet bought that airgun to test it out.

You can view the product listing here:

The past couple of weeks have been very eventful. We’ve received a lot of encouragement and kind words and business has been great. I’m really happy to be able to do this full-time and don’t take your support for granted. I’m excited to keep cranking out new products at great prices.

Next will be the M-Rod/Aspen/Fortitude/Armada Suppressor in .177/.22 and .25. Then the Akela Suppressor and Accessory Mount.

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


It’s Getting Real

It’s Getting Real

Hey folks. Just a quick update and recap of my first two weeks as a “free man”. First off, let me say that it hasn’t been what I expected. I should have expected that. Shipping is nightmarish, power is currently out as I type this, and I just got word that a new business has been started by someone who’s printing and selling our products. He’s even using the same pictures! It’s a crazy world we’re living in. But… Orders are flooding in, feedback has been outstanding, and I’ve received tons of encouragement from you, our awesome customers. Thank you! It’s been a humbling experience.

Evening of November 10th and Veterans Day Shipments

I haven’t taken your support for granted and I’m working hard to develop new products. Our Benjamin P-Rod Suppressor is coming out next. Then the AirForce Suppressor. I’ve designed an M-Rod suppressor, but I’m waiting for my Fortitude(because it’s cheaper) to come in so I can test it. I’ve also designed an Akela Suppressor and Tri-Rail, Avenger Suppressor, and Gauntlet Suppressor that will be coming down the line very soon as well.

I’ve gotten many requests and I intend to follow through on most of them, Deo Volente.

Here are some of the things on my list:

  • 357 suppressor
  • Crosman forearm
  • Crosman Grips
  • Diana Chaser/Bandit Adjustable Stock
  • Diana Chaser Stock
  • Diana Tri-Rail
  • Crosman Barrel 1/2 UNF Adapter
  • PFAM9B Suppressor
  • M14x1.0 LH Suppressor
  • QB78 Suppressor
  • 2240 Suppressor w/Front Sight Post(I know…)
  • Benjamin 392/397 Optic Mounts
  • 15mm Barrel Suppressor

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


Crosman Slip-On Suppressors Are Back… Kind Of.

Crosman Slip-On Suppressors Are Back… Kind Of.

I’ve included the most important information in BOLD if you just want the cliff notes.

Our slip-on suppressor for the Crosman 22XX, 760, etc. has been our best-seller by far. They worked great, but I knew they could be better. So I went on a journey to improve them and ended up messing them up instead. The issue is that 3d printers are finnicky, or cheap ones are anyway, and I expected too much from them. I incorporated a few great features that required very precise and reliable printers, which I did not have. I guess that makes me the issue. Now that you’ve heard the backstory, I can share with you some good news and bad news.

The Good News

I recently just decided to buy a few better printers and use a tougher polymer, namely Polycarbonate. To get a more reliable and precise fit I now drill out each suppressor to final size before they ship out. This means the suppressors will be much tougher than before and the fit will be more consistent. We are, once again, selling slip-on suppressors with no front sight post.

The Bad News

I‘m not ready to sell the slip-ons with an integrated front sight post. Now that I drill out each suppressor for a reliable internal diameter I cannot include a flat clocking feature to align the front sight post. I have some options, but it’s going to take me some time to get it all worked out.

You’re welcome and I’m sorry. I’ll start fiddling with them again in January. For now, I’ll be focusing on whittling down my LONG list of customer suggestions. Check out the listing below for more info:

Crosman 1377 and 1322 Adjustable Stocks

Crosman 1377/1322 Adjustable Stocks Are Here!

These have been in the works for a while now and they’re finally here. I’ve had a lot of fun with the P-Rod and 2240 stocks. They make for a great addition to both of those airguns, but these take the 13XX to a whole other level. The carbine pictured above is my lightly modified 1322. I’ve installed the adjustable stock, picatinny mounts, reflex sight, extended crosman barrel, our Plumper Pumper, custom 3d printed barrel band(coming soon), and slip-on suppressor. It’s been a blast “testing” this thing out.

This kit is much like the Crosman 2240 kit, but with a different adapter and slightly different buffer tube. You’ll not be able to use the stock iron sights with this stock installed. However, I’ll try out some different flip-up “iron” sights with our picatinny mounts to see if I can find a good option for folks who want the adjustable stock while still utilizing open sights.

Check out the 13XX Adjustable Stock Kit HERE

There’s a lot more stuff in the works. Stay tuned.