13XX Silencers Back by Popular Demand

13XX Silencers Back by Popular Demand!

Crosman 1322/1377 with threaded adapter and silencer mounted

I get at least an email a day about this silencer. That is good and that is bad. Good because folks are interested in buying my products and bad because I am putting too much time into not selling them. I’ve gone back and forth about relisting them. They were my babies for a little while, but they started to turn on me when I established a limit for how much time I allotted to them. Full disclosure, I ended up having to talk folks through the install a lot. Not everyone read the description or watched the video. And not everyone knows their way around a hammer. If that’s you, I forgive you. And if that’s not you, from the bottom of my toes, thank you. Better yet, thank you both …but to varying degrees. So I’ve basically decided that it would be better to answer emails WITH a sell rather than WITHOUT. They’re back up for sale until I get worn out again. I would do well to remember that these are good problems to have.

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


AirForce Pistol Grip and Forearms Have Arrived

AirForce Pistol Grips and Forearms Have Arrived

As of 8/15/21 I have a good bit of them printed and we’re ready to take orders. Find the grip and forearm HERE. The stock and suppressor will come around eventually, but I need a bit more time on those. Thank you for your patience y’all! -Terry

New Benjamin P-Rod Forearms

New Benjamin P-Rod Forearms

Check out our new forearms for the Benjamin Marauder Pistol. They’re thicker, taller, rounder, smarter, yet humbler, and more chivalrous. I’ve added a picatinny accessory rail as well for mounting bipods, lasers, flashlights, bayonets… etc.

Find them for sale here: https://buck-rail.com/product/benjamin-marauder-pistol-forearm/



As many of you know, I stopped manufacturing and selling suppressors for a while after reading the ATF’s interpretation of a silencer and what it considers to be an NFA weapon. It was this article in particular that caused me pause: https://www.atf.gov/firearms/qa/are-paintball-and-airgun-sound-suppressers-considered-nfa-weapons

After looking into it more I came across this case from the US 1st Circuit Court of Appeals: https://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-1st-circuit/1527670.html This case is also referenced in DonnyFL’s disclaimer. Long story short is this: legislators, law enforcement, and the courts all have opinions about the law but ultimately the court’s interpretation is most important and that’s what I’m going with.

So silencers are back on. I’m sorry for the flip-flopping confusion. For now I’m just going to sell the 1/2-20 UNF and Diana M10 Suppressors. There will be more to come when I find the time.

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!

Update 7/25/21: AirForce TalonP Accessories

Update 7/25/21: AirForce TalonP, Condor, and Texan Accessories

The AirForce TalonP with adjustable stock, upgraded pistol grip, forearm with picatinny mount, suppressor, bipod, and high mount 4×32 scope.

I’ve been working on this for a while now and have finally come up with a few things I can feel good about. Some of the parts include a more ergonomic pistol grip, thicker forearm with picatinny rail, and a sleek adjustable buttstock. These should be compatible with the other Airforce PCP airguns of this platform.

The Adjustable Buttstock

The adjustable buttstock slips over the aluminum air cylinder. It is held in place by two steel non-marring nylon tipped set screws. It give you from a 10-1/2″ to 14″ LOP. It is printed in two parts and bolted together with two stainless socket head cap screws and nuts.

The Forearm

The improved forearm is longer, wider, and taller. It feels better in the hand and looks less like a sausage than the stock forearm. I’ve also added a picatinny style rail for a bipod, laser, flashlight, etc. It will come with a longer countersunk screw to replace the shorty that secured the stock sausage… I mean, forearm.

The Pistol Grip

The stock pistol grip isn’t terrible, but it definitely had room for improvement. I’ve made the new grip more ergonomic. It will install using the same screw that secured the stock pistol grip.

I’m trying to get plenty of them printed before I list them, but expect these to be available very soon! Thanks for lookin! -Terry

New Accessories for the Crosman 13XX, 2240, and Benjamin P-Rod


All of these items are a long time coming. Many of you have recommended them or have otherwise indicated that you are anxiously awaiting their release. I’m very pleased to announce that we have released our new pump for the Crosman 1377/1322 and adjustable AR-Style stocks for the Crosman 2240 and the Benjamin Marauder Pistol. I’m very excited to enter into the world of PCP airguns and looking forward to making more handy accessories for this category of airguns. I’m also pleased to announce that our Dr. Murfee mount works great with the Benjamin Marauder Pistol as well. Check out some pics of our latest products:

The Benjamin Marauder with our 4×32 Compact Scope, Dr. Murfee mount, 8′-10″ Folding Bipod, and Adjustable Stock Kit.
Bigger Better 3d Printed Pump handle for the Crosman 1377 and 1322
Our Improved Crosman 1377/1322 Pump Handle installed on the Crosman 1322
Crosman 2240XL with silencer, bipod, scope, and adjustable AR stock installed.
The Crosman 2240XL with Silencer, 4×32 Compact Scope, Dr. Murfee mount, 8′-10″ Bipod, and Adjustable Stock installed.

I will develop an adjustable stock for the Crosman 1377/1322 next!

P.S. International shipping is back on. Please be patient. We will fulfill your order very quickly, but shipping may still be slow. Also, silencers are not for sale for now. Please see this page for more info: https://buck-rail.com/suppressors/

Crosman Adjustable Stock


Here’s a little preview of my latest project….

This 2240XL features our 1/2″ UNF Polycarbonate silencer, Dr. Murfee mount, folding bipod, 4×32 compact scope with high rise rings, and an adjustable 6 position stock. The stock adapter and buffer tube assembly can be seen in more detail below:

The buffer tube is 3D printed in ABS and all the other parts are steel. This particular setup allows for an 11″ to 14.5″ length of pull.

My son, Beaux, loves to shoot the Daisy Buck, but he can shoot much more accurately than the airgun can. I gave him this airgun set up at 11″ LOP and we saw a MAJOR improvement in accuracy and the airgun is actually easier for him to handle than the Daisy. Unfortunately, I had to take it away after he tried to take out a bird that landed on our fence…

It’ll be a bit before I start selling these. When I do it’ll be a complete kit at a great price.

Thanks y’all!


Diana Chaser Pistol with 3d printed silencer


I have a lot of new parts to release, but I couldn’t wait anymore on this one. This silencer is printed in Polymax Polycarbonate plastic. It takes 8 hours to print just one, but we get a much tougher product in the end. Some things that I’ve done differently with this one is include an expansion chamber at the muzzle, reduced ID baffles nearer the muzzle, and incorporated a stainless steel helical insert for very reliable threading/unthreading. This makes the Diana Chaser Pistol neighbor-friendly without affecting accuracy or muzzle velocity. Here’s a look at the inside:

Diana Chaser Silencer Designed and Modelled on Autodesk Fusion360

In this video I install the silencer and test fire the Chaser with and without it. I just got a new mic, so this video actually ALMOST does it justice. Also, you may notice another part I have in the works for the Chaser. That will be coming soon. Thanks for looking!


Winter Storm Uri

Hey y’all. I’m writing from my phone. We’ve been without power for a couple of days now down here in Texas. We’ve made coffee in the fireplace, cooked zucchini on a crawfish burner, cooked bacon on the barbecue pit, burned two truckloads of wood, and dabbled in some plumbing in the attic. We’ve had lots of help from family and friends!

I placed a warning on the webpage that we may not be able to fulfill orders for a while and still got 30 or so orders!

As I write this, the power is on and has been for an hour, but the powers that be are conducting rotating blackouts so we expect that it will not last. The good news is that we’ve been able to fulfill all of our orders up until this point!

We will continue to fulfill orders as long as we have power. Thank you for your patience and thank you for your support!

God bless y’all!


Crosman 1077 3D Printed Silencer


Our latest Silencer is for the Crosman 1077 RepeatAir. This one really worked out nicely. It uses the same silencer and thread cap as the M4-177 with a custom adapter designed exclusively for the 1077. I just made this video with my eldest son. We had fun with it. In the video I show off the adapter CAD model, detail the installation, test fire it with and without the silencer, and say, “uuh” over 50 times. I’m workin’ on that last part. Thanks for lookin!