New Products 11/15/23

Howdy folks. Just a quick update on the Benjamin Marauder Pistol Kits and some newly listed items…

P-Rod Kits

I’ve listed the P-Rod kits, but have not put them in stock yet. I’m still working on the instructional video and waiting on some fasteners to come in. Folks should be able to sign up to be notified when they are released now. Check out that listing here: P-Rod Tac Conversion Kit

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on YouTube. I decided to throw up a quick preview of the P-Rod Kit. Check out this teaser video I made from the install footage:

Is the video not working? Follow this link instead:

The P-Rod release will be first come first serve. I don’t have many of the triggers and restocking will be based on how quickly I can get more from Crosman. The last trigger assembly order took ages…

Also, I’m working on a threaded rear pic adapter that will allow folks to quickly attach and detach pic clamping stocks to the Notos, P-Rod and other kits that have the threaded tube receiver. This was, kind of, a customer suggestion. Here’s a couple of pics of the first prototype on the new P-Rod kit:

The prototype worked out great and I’ll very likely be adding these to the product lineup soon.

New Product from DonnyFL

I just listed a few DonnyFL RYU suppressors in .177/.22 caliber.

Check those out here: RYU QD Suppressor

If you’d like to see us carry other calibers, sizes, or options just let us know. I only have four of the RYUs for now.

New Product from Saber Tactical

I just listed the 34mm clamping bottle adapters from Saber Tactical. I added these because they work well with the Notos, JTS Airacuda, Marauder, and many more airguns. If you’s like to see us carry the larger bottle adapters or anything else from Saber Tactical let us know and I’ll see what I can do. Saber Tactical 34mm Clamping Bottle Adapter

New Grip Options

Did you notice the grip on the P-Rod pic up there^? It’s a Magpul MOE K2. I just got a bunch in and I’ll be offering those in black and FDE. I’ll also be offering their larger K2 XL grips. These grips all have beavertails so you’ll have to be careful to ensure they are compatible. They will work on the Airacuda grip adapter, Beeman 2027/2028 Grip Adapter, Marauder Pistol Grip Adapter, and the upcoming Stormrider Grip Adapter. It’s also possible to fit these to the Diana Chaser Grip adapters with a little bit of filing.

Y’all have been keeping us VERY busy lately. Thank you very much for your business and for your support. We’ll keep working hard to earn it.


Terry Harman

2 thoughts on “New Products 11/15/23

  1. I would like to see a tactical kit for the Hatsan flash

  2. Have you a silencer yet for the daisy powerline 2415 pistol

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