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Big News from Buck Rail

I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet. I have a big announcement to make, but I’ll save it for the end. First off, I’ve just listed a a bunch of products. A couple have been long awaited…

Huben GK1 v3 Grip and QD Takedown Stock

Both of these products are now available. We’re going on a MUCH needed vacation next week so y’all will have to wait for an instructional video until I get back.

The GK1 v3 Grip Adapter is compatible with the power adjuster changes, includes some changes to the curvy bits, and the main screw hole is angled to catch the OEM barrel nut in it’s revised position. Check ’em out here: Huben GK1 Grip Adapter

The QD Takedown Stock accepts AR extension tubes and uses a cam lever to quickly attach and detach from a rear facing 1913 pic rail. Check ’em out here: QD Takedown Stock Adapter

Strike Industries Products

Strike Industries has been making a lot of innovative products. I’ve picked out a few that I think will be useful to airgun folks and have them in stock, ready to ship. We have their Dual-Folding Pic Clamping Stocks, Multi-Angle Grips, and Flat Tops. Get ya some: Strike Products

Crosman RMR Mounts and UTG MRDS

Those who were subscribed already know we’ve released the Crosman RMR Mounts and added the UTG OP3 Red Dots to the product lineup. I’ve made it so that they are discounted when combined. Check those out here:

JMAC Products

I’ve had a lot of requests from folks wanting to know about the stock I’ve pictured with my 2240 and Huben GK1. JMAC is the company that makes those. They machine the skeletonized stocks in the USA from 7075 Aluminum and 4140 Steel Billets. They are pricey, but so popular they can be hard to find at times. I’ve listed those and will have them in hand ready to ship soon:

The Big News

Buck Rail will be producing High-Resolution Selective Laser Sintered PA12 and PA11 nylon parts in-house. We’ve just signed a contract with Formlabs to secure our first SLS system. This will enable us to dramatically improve part quality, strength, and output.

Believe it or not, we’re still a home-based business. I have over 60 FDM 3d printers. Most of which are ran by me 24/6 in my garage! My sister and I fulfill orders in a shop we built in the backyard. Manufacturing and post-processing well over 3000 FDM parts a month and shipping them all over the world from my house has been quite a feat, but it’s also been holding us back. Right now Buck Rail is a mad man who turned a hobby into a liability with potential. This is the first big step in making Buck Rail a proper business that leaves it’s mark on this industry. There’s still a lot of work ahead, but I wanted y’all to be the first to know we’re doing this thang! I’ll update with more info once we receive the machine and get things moving.

There’s a lot more to say, but I’ll just leave it at that for now. It’s past midnight and I’m goin’ cross-eyed.

Thank you for your business and thank you for your support. I don’t take it for granted and will keep working hard to earn it!


Terry Harman

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