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New Products 12/4/23

I’ve listed a few new products and have more coming soon-ish. Here’s the down-low…

Beeman Buck-Ends

I’ve repurposed the Beeman Marshall Grips and collaborated with a local manufacturer to turn them into bookends. It started out as a joke from my sister, but these things are no joke. They are thoughtfully designed, heavy, and well built in the USA by two Houston, TX based businesses. Check them out here: Beeman Buck-Ends

UTG Scopes

We get asked quite a bit for scope recommendations. In the budget category, these UTG compact AO Scopes are hard to beat. I’ve listed the Bug Buster AO Scopes with Dovetail or Pic Rings here: Bug Buster Scopes

I’m in talks with Hawke Sport Optics as well in the hopes that we can offer their Vantage line of scopes. Another great pick in the budget category. Are there any other budget optics y’all would like to see here? We have more of our open glass reflex sights on order. Should be in within two weeks.

UTG Flip-Up Irons

I’ve been a fan of these for a while. Now that we’re making parts for the Umarex Notos it seems a good time to offer these up, as they are perfect for that airgun in it’s OEM stock. The OEM Notos stock is not compatible with the UX iron sights, but these come out at the perfect height on that platform. Check them out here: UTG Super Slim Flip-Up Sights

If folks are interested I can make flip-up iron mounts for all sorts of airguns. I’ve been doing this for a while on my own collection. Just say the word and I’ll make it happen.


I have a lot of new products in the pipeline. Most of them will have to wait until next year as we are very busy fulfilling holiday orders. Here is a short list of what is upcoming in order of priority:

1 – Stormrider MJF Nylon Grip Adapter with tube receiver (Done, but waiting until we slow down a bit to release)
2 – Umarex Origin Tactical Conversion Kit (Done, but waiting until we slow down a bit to release)
3 – Rear Pic Adapter for Tube Receivers, like the Notos, P-Rod, Stormrider, etc.

UX Fusion 2

I’m also working on a pretty slick kit for the Umarex Fusion 2. Here’s a little preview:

Huben GK1

After that, I’ll be releasing a few parts for the Huben GK1. I know most of our customers aren’t into $1700 airguns, but this on one is so unique that I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to kit it out. I will be going with commercial-grade fused PA12 Nylon for these parts. Here’s a pic of the first prototype printed up in my garage just for testing.

Personal Note

I’m still caring for my dad full-time and my oldest son and helper just broke his arm after falling off a hay bale… So it’s just me (and there ain’t much of me) printing, post-processing, and assembling parts. Please be patient with us while we get through this tough season. I’m working like a madman to keep up and move us forward. On that note, it’s currently midnight and I still have some work to do.

Until next time,


28 thoughts on “New Products 12/4/23

  1. GK1: That outfit you have for the GK1 is really nice, looking forward to it’s release!!!

    1. Yeeeesss! I 2nd and 3rd this. I will preorder, reorder, then threeorder this bad boy Definitely looks sick. Exactly what i want mine to look like 👍 . Take ur time Terry and handle ur business brotha man. 🫡

  2. Terry,
    I’ve been taking care of my dad for a year and half now, with monthly trips and two week stays 700 miles from my home. Be sure to take care of yourself, else you’d be worthless. Just getting into airguns and excited about your line of accessories. They look top notch.

  3. Prayers are with you and the family!

    1. Thank you very much

  4. Terry , you might look into Mantis rifle scopes. They seem to have pretty good optics at a fair price. The reviews I have read on them seem pretty positive.

    1. Just looked into them. I didn’t know Air Venturi offered scopes. I’ll give them a go.

  5. Terry has made the world of entry level air guns fun and exciting while taking care of his family. that is something he can hang his hat on! It is true there is not much of him there. He can make me laugh. God bless you Terry!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Mr. Mack!

  6. Terry, you are a very busy man! That outfit you have for the GK1 is really nice, looking forward to it’s release! I already have a PROD outfitted with your parts and am extremely happy with the quality, fit and finish! Keep these great parts coming! Hope you Dad and Son have speedy recoveries!

    1. Paul, thank you very much. The GK1 project has been a lot of fun. That is a very cool little hand cannon. Glad you like the PROD kit. Certainly have a lot planned for 2024. Thank you!

      1. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but does the GK1 shroud have a Picatinny rail on the bottom? If not, could that be an option, or maybe even have a way to add one? I’d love to have a solid mount for a light ot laser! Thanks again!

        1. Good question. It has mlok slots on all sides except the top. There are mlok mounting accessories that can mount direct with a lower profile, but you can also mount pic rails to the slots. Another benefit of the slots is that it provides a more comfortable handhold if you don’t need the pic rails there. So you have more options this way.

          1. Mloks work! A small pic rail mounted close to the trigger guard with mloks would do the trick! Any estimate on when these will be available on your website?

          2. I don’t see myself being able to get that done this year. Probably late January at the earliest.

  7. Keep up the awesome work, but don’t forget to take break for yourself, Terry

    1. Thank you Angel. That’s the plan. Solid advice.

  8. Terry are you by any chance working on an Air Ventura Advenger X Tactical stock that looks better than the factory one?

    1. I should own an Avenge-X, but haven’t gotten my hands on one yet. That has been a common request lately so it’s definitely something I’ll look into once I whittle down my list a little more.

  9. My best to you and your dad, your post are great an it’s great to kerp progresding with new products as it builds budisness.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Mr. Bye!

  10. Omg im waiting on my 25 cal gk1 any day now. SAw a couple videos with a rifle scope mounted shooting respectable groups at 100 yards… i will be #1 on your list when released.

    1. Thank you Ken!🙏

  11. Hello Terry, could I interest you in making a double tube kit for the prod ala Lloyd Sikes?

    1. I would love to, eventually. Sounds like a fun project and a great idea.

      1. Keep me posted if you decide to make the kit available.

  12. Best thoughts and prayers are with my brother. If I was in the neighborhood I would be there in a heartbeat to give you a helping hand. Keep doing your best as you always do and remember …. Breathe

    1. Thank you very much Mr. Gary. I really do need to remember that!😬

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