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New Products and Other News 3/13/24

Blitz M2 in all it’s glory

Buck Rail News

Howdy Folks! This is just a quick update on new products that are out and updates on ongoing projects. EDIT: this is not brief. I had a lot to say…

I’ve been a little distracted. I’ve had a lot of fun on the Blitz Ma Deuce project (pictured above) and I’ve made a lot of progress on the Hatsan Sortie Full-Auto Electronic Conversion (View on YouTube). I’ll be posting more info about those as I have updates. This is just for kicks right now. A lot of folks have asked when and how much. I have no plans at the moment. These are big projects with lots of moving parts. I don’t know if I have the stuff it would take to sell these without imploding. So I’m just having fun and researching, if you will, and considering what options we have. Anywho, I’ve also been working with a couple of OEMs on some really cool projects. With all that, I’m still busy as ever with product development for Buck Rail. Let’s get right into it…

New Product Release

We recently released the Umarex Origin Tactical Conversion Kit (HERE).

Here’s a little preview of the installation process and a closer look at the parts:

Is the embed not working? Check out the short YouTube video at this link:

What’s Next?

Huben GK1 AR Grip Adapters are listed – HERE – so that folks can sign up to be notified of their release. These are two to three weeks out. I was able to keep the price very low on these even with high-grade materials and still made in the USA. Mainly because the part is relatively small. I’ll give a solid date soon. These will only work on the v2 and v3 with modification. I’ve been told the v2 and v3 have slightly different geometry on the curvy bits just behind the magazine. I f this goes well I’ll get a v2 and v3 and see what needs to be done to make it work. If someone is willing to loan me there v2 or v3 that would certainly speed up the process. It’ll likely happen either way, though. In the meantime, it would require some filing or grinding to fit those models.

Huben GK1 CNC Milled Aluminum Rear Pic Adapters – I just got word from the machine shop that these are done and currently being inspected pre-shipment. Should be released around the same time as the Grip Adapters. I’ll wait till I have them in hand and have tested them before listing.

Huben GK1 Handguards (Pictured above) – I’m still on the fence about these. They work great, but they are so large that the price will be pretty steep. If there’s enough interest I’ll do it, but I’m always wary of higher ticket items, because I end up putting in a lot up front and it comes back to bite me if they don’t sell. Any Huben owners out there? Let me know your thoughts.

Quick Takedown Adjustable Stock Adapter – I’m REALLY excited about this one. I like takedown guns, backpacker guns, truck guns, mini-carbine, PCCs etc. and I made this mostly because it’s something I really wanted. Hopefully other folks feel the same. As you well know, I’ve been putting rear-facing pics on everything I can. So this stock will be compatible with a lot of different airguns and I’m adding more to the lineup all the time. It has a simple cam lever mechanism either opens or closes the pic clamp. That’s it. Open the clamp, slide it on, close the clamp. Now you have a compact adjustable AR stock on your airgun. Ready to switch it to a different airgun or put it back in the case? Flip the clamp open, slide it off, and witch it, case it, backpack it, etc. It is made in the USA and will be very affordable. The design is complete and I’m waiting for the final prototypes to come in. These should be pretty easy to bring to market mid-April.

Umarex Gauntlet 1, G2, and SL30 Tactical Conversion – Another exciting addition. This has been a common request for some time and I finally worked up the gumption to tackle this project while I was on an Umarex kick. The kit will be compatible with all versions of the Gauntlet. This will be my first kit to do fully in commercial-grade PA12 nylon. Here it is on the SL30:

I do plan on working up some barrel band options as well. Stay tuned for that.

Barra 1100z and Beeman Chief 2 Tactical Conversions – This one is a little different from my usual style…

I came up with this to overcome a challenge I’ve had with airguns that have long protruding gauge stems. I haven’t been able to come up with a good looking AR-style handguard for these airguns. I’ve had that problem on the JTS Airacuda MAX as well. It requires a lot of material to blend the gauge and the parts end up looking kind of hokey in my opinion. I wont even show you what I came up with for the MAX. If folks like this style and this is something that y’all want I’ll press with this on the 1100z and Beeman Chief II then I’ll go for the Airacuda MAX next. Let me know!

Crosman 2240, 1322, P-Rod AR Grip Adapter – The P-Rod Tactical Conversions have not done as well as I thought they would. I think a big part of that may be the price. It is higher than some of our other kits, especially because it requires the Marauder trigger. I’m still really proud of that one (It’s one of my personal favorites) and will continue to make those as needed, but I know I need to offer something at the sort of price that folks have come to expect from Buck Rail.

That’s where these little guys come in…

Something like this has been done before, but this is unique for a number of reasons. It will make use of all the original parts except for the sear spring. It will reuse the trigger, sear, safety switch, safety spring and bearing, and the two dowel pins. I kept many of the dimensions the same as the original grip frame to ensure max compatibility with the many aftermarkets parts for these airguns. You can see that this one works well with the 13XX Pump and will be compatible with the P-Rod Handguard, Forearm, our adjustable stocks, rear pics, side folders, so on and so on. It will be made with commercial-grade PA12 Nylon like a lot of our other recent products, but because it is so small we’ll be able to keep the retail price very low. This is only the first prototype. I designed this and printed two iterations just yesterday evening so there is still some development to do, but we already have a fully-functional and reliable prototype. More to come on this one.

Thanks for reading this far. I love you too. Pssst. You wanna know about the stubby barrel on the 2240 above? Or do you want a custom length Crosman Barrel? I was going to do this myself until I stumbled on this man here. Check out MellonAir. find the barrels at this link: MellonAir Barrels

His prices are incredible and he does a great job. But don’t get on his nerves. He’s retired and basically does this as a hobby. He also make’s the lowest price flat top pistons and valves I know of. Do your research and be sure about what you want and how to install it, put your order in, and be willing to wait for him to get to it. You won’t regret it… But don’t tell him I sent y’all!

I have so much more in the works, but I’m all typed out for now.

Thank you very much for your business and thank you for your support. It’s not taken for granted and I’ll keep working hard to earn it.



13 thoughts on “New Products and Other News 3/13/24

  1. I’ve got a Hatsan Velox in fde coming in a few days. Can’t wait to see if you come up with conversion for that pistol. On its own it’s still a bad ass looking pcp pistol. Thanks brother.

  2. I just bought a Gauntlet SL30, totally not because you got stuff planned for it. I’m sure it’ll look great next to my Avenger, Notos and my P-Rod…all proudly decked out by you!!! You are the man!!!

  3. been waiting to tac up my beeman chief , hope it happens soon , thanks!

  4. Absolutely agree about Mellon Air.
    His prices are absolutely great.
    Checked out his flat top piston and cylinders. Thinking about a Crosman 760 build using these as a power plant. The only hold up is finding a rifled barrel.
    Thought I had one and then the seller informed me it was a smoothbore. Just completed a 760 smoothbore so I don’t need another one. Bummer.

  5. I think lots of GK1 owners would be interested in that hand guard, I definitely am! It would add so many options to a gun that only has a dovetail on the front 2/3. Would buy one now if I could.

  6. Thanks, Bro,
    Good stuff.

  7. Come on with the Airacuda Max conversion. I’m ready.

  8. the barrel bands for the g30 will be tricky as some of the bottles cant upward towards the barrel

  9. A fantastic read! I enjoyed tremendously and always look forward to your newsletters. Thanks so much.

  10. Show us what you’ve come up with for the Airacuda Max, the factory stocks are flawed. I’d be happy with a plastic version of the OEM as long as it supports the action fully.

  11. I have a Barra 1100z. I am highly interested in your upgrades to it.

  12. Would love to see some tactical stock options for the Benji Bulldog one of these days. Dying to change the look and feel of mine! Thanks for all you do!

    1. That would be a fun project! I really need to go on a bullpup kick soon.

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