Diana Stormrider Tactical Conversion Kit

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Diana Stormrider Tactical Conversion Kit

It’s finally here. After much sweat, some of my own blood, and other people’s tears I’m proud to introduce to you the Diana Stormrider Tactical Conversion Kit. This kit includes an AR grip adapter, MILSPEC AR buttstock and adapter, and a tactical tri-rail, M-Lok handguard, and traditional forearm. It is highly functional, looks slick, made in America, and is still very affordable. And wait, there’s more… If you get all three a 10% discount will be automatically applied in your cart.

It’s compatible with the Gen I and Gen II, but please pay close attention on the forearm/tri-rail. If you have a downward facing gauge instead of the forward facing gauge on the end of the air tube you can only use the traditional forearm with gauge hole. If you have the forward facing gauge you have the option to choose between traditional forearm, tri-rail, or M-Lok Handguard. The tri-rail and handguard are not compatible with the stock barrel band/rear sight post. They replaces the barrel band and moves it further forward. This means no open sights. If you choose the traditional forearm you can still use the rear sight post/barrel band and pair it with our Diana Chaser barrel band to add accessory rails and a forward barrel band.

These should work on the Diana Trailscout and Artemis CR600W as well, but I haven’t confirmed that. If you try it on any of these let us know. We’ll be happy to make it right if it doesn’t fit.

The AR grip adapter comes with a Made in USA matte fiber reinforced MILSPEC A2 grip from White Label Armory pre-installed. It is compatible with AR grips without beavertails. It installs using the stock metal trigger guard and hardware.

The adjustable stock gives you an adjustable LOP stock with QD compatibility for slings, etc. The stock tube is compatible with MILSPEC adjustable buttstocks. It is reinforced with a steel bolt.

For installation instructions watch the video below:

Stormrider AR Grip Adapter

  • 3D printed in ABS plastic in the USA by a veteran-owned business
  • Allows for mounting AR-compatible grips on the Stormrider Gen 1 & 2
  • Uses stock trigger guard and safety. Comes with Milspec A2 Made in USA grip
  • Includes M5 grip screw. Grip screw threads into stainless steel square nut
  • FREE Shipping within the USA! Ships same or next business day via USPS

Stormrider Adjustable Stock

  • 3D printed in ABS plastic in the USA by a veteran-owned business
  • Add an AR buttstock to the Stormrider. Choose from two styles or add your own.
  • Adjustable LOP. Adjusts from 11" to 13.5" length-of-pull
  • Not compatible with the stock Stormrider. Must be installed with AR Grip Adapter
  • Free Shipping within the USA. Ships same or next business day via USPS

Stormrider Forearm and Tri-Rail

  • 3d printed in ABS plastic in the USA by a veteran-owned business
  • Choose from traditional forearm single rail, tri-rail, and M-Lok Handguard with integrated barrel band
  • Forearm fits on Gen I/Gen II Stormrider. Tri-Rail & Handguard is for forward-gauge only
  • Forearm uses stock screw and barrel band. Tri-Rail & Handguard replace stock barrel band
  • FREE shipping within the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS