Do you ship internationally?

Yes, for international orders you will input your location at checkout and select a shipping option before paying. If there is no shipping option that means we do not currently ship to your location. We’ll ship ASAP, but it will be delivered unreasonably slow if you choose a budget shipping option.

When will you ship my order?

We ship same or next business day. If you order after 11am on a weekday we will ship your order the next day. If you order after the mail runs on Saturday we will ship on Monday morning. You will get an email notification when your order has been picked up and scanned for the first time by USPS.

Do you offer shipment tracking?

Yes. If you provide a legitimate email at checkout you will receive an automated email notification when the package is picked up, when it is out for delivery, and delivered.

Why haven’t I gotten a shipment notification?

Our shipment notifications are sent automatically to whatever email address was provided at checkout. If there was a typo or you used an invalid or unused email you will not get the notification. Also, it could have ended up in your junk box.

I expected to get my package sooner. Is my package lost?

That’s very unlikely. It is probably just delayed. I can only guarantee that your package will ship via the chosen method on the same or the next business day. We have had over 5000 orders so far with only one shipment to Hungary rejected by customs and 2 CONUS packages returned for insufficient address. Maintain hope…

Can you make me a custom item?

Maybe, if it is something that others would want as well and I’m not very busy. Many of our products started out as customer suggestions and I’m always open to new ideas.