Avenger and Origin Suppressor

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Avenger and Origin Suppressor

  • Threads directly into the barrel shroud. No adapters or hardware necessary
  • Compatible with A/V Avenger, Seneca Aspen, and Umarex Origin .177/.22 or .25 Cal
  • 3D printed in tough Polycarbonate plastic in the US by a veteran-owned business
  • Replaces stock baffle and shroud cap. 11 baffles dramatically reduce the report
  • 7-5/8 inches long, but only extends beyond the shroud about 4 inches
  • FREE SHIPPING within the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS

***Please read the full description below before ordering***

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This suppressor is designed for and tested on the Air Venturi Avenger, but works great on the Umarex Origin as well. It has been reported by customers to work with the Avenger Bullpup as well. It is 3D printed in Polycarbonate plastic in the US by a veteran-owned business. It threads directly into the airgun shroud without an adapter or any other hardware required. Just remove the shroud cap and the baffles inside the shroud and thread in the new suppressor and shoot quieter!

UPDATE 4/15/2022: By popular demand, I’ve just added a feature that interfaces with the barrel. This suppressor now slides over the barrel and helps to reduce barrel “whip” while still making use of the shroud for initial expansion and report reduction. I’d like for folks to have a realistic expectation. I don’t know if it’s better or comparable to the other options that are out there. I would think a $145 metal option would HAVE to be better. These work great and are cheap y’all. It has a very high shush/cost ratio. If that’s what you’re looking for, these are for you. It is 3d printed plastic. It can break and they sometimes do. Just let us know and we’ll replace it…

For some, it may be necessary to slightly drill out the last few baffles if you have pellet clipping or accuracy issues. For most customers this will not be an issue.

Take a look inside:

The suppressor is available in both .177/.22 and .25 calibers. I recommend that you get the proper size for your airgun. I don’t recommend ordering one size up. Just select your option before placing it in your cart.

Additional information

Weight1.5 oz
Dimensions7.625 × 1 × 1 in

.177/.22 Caliber, .25 Caliber

23 reviews for Avenger and Origin Suppressor

  1. Avenger 22 (verified owner)

    Got it in 3 days, and now my Avenger .22 just makes a little click noise. It’s so quiet. Can shoot a the target 15 yds away next to birds and squirrels at my feeder and they don’t budge. Accuracy is fantastic at 20-50yds so far, I don’t think it changed it much, maybe a little better. Only downside is it made the barrel a few inches longer, well worth it though.

  2. chet (verified owner)

    this product is awesome, I screwed it on and went to shooting, very quiet, and seemed to improve accuracy, shot 5 prairie dogs at over 100 yards, did not spook them !

  3. Singleshotcajun (verified owner)

    I had an aftermarket mono core baffle set in my Origin .22, it worked well but still loud. I installed this moderator in the Origin and it is very quiet, really all I hear is the Twang that is common to the Origin. Tight groups, just as tight as with the other baffle set stabilizing the barrel. This works great and is much quieter. Very happy with this purchase.

  4. Lue Her (verified owner)

    Best bang for bucks ever. I was skeptical but when I received my moderators and put it on my avenger and origin, these moderators fit so perfectly. Keep up the great work. Definitely customer for life. The sound coming off my pcp are drastically reduced and so much pleasing to the ears. Like the high pitch is gone. Cannot recommended enough!!!!

  5. Stephen Russell (verified owner)

    Bought for my Origin. Fits perfect and does everything its supposed to do. Very happy

  6. David lafrancis (verified owner)

    I have had mine a few months and probably 1200 pellets and I’m still a happy camper. I don’t know anyone that works for or at Buck-rail so I’m just stating my experience. It shipped out very quickly and fit and function were very good. My aspen seemed to shot exactly like it had it’s just way quieter to the point I was surprised!

  7. Kent Robert Swick Jr. (verified owner)

    I’ve now ran several hundred rounds through the .25 Cal Avenger both with and without the suppressor. The barrel whip correction factor is legit, as this suppressor does do a great job of stabilizing the end of the barrel leading to improved accuracy. From a sound reduction POV, I’ve now shot my Avenger with and without this moderator under two different power and pellet weight settings. With the Reg set at around 2300 PSI and pellets weighing in around 24-27 grains, the sound is reduced significantly. The native sound of the Avenger is that of a snap/ping akin to a roofing/brad nailer. This suppressor removes practically all hints of that snap/crack sound and ensures that the rifle is not only backyard friendly but bordering on unnoticeable. With a heavier pellet or slug in the 28-34 grain range at both 2300 PSI and 2900 PSI, the same effect happens and the sound is significantly reduced and backyard/neighborhood friendly. My only caveat would be if you’re firing off a lighter grain pellet at a higher reg setting (think 2600PSI and up) you’re still going to get a significantly quieted snap sound, but the snap will still be there in a muted form.

    The build quality of the piece seems to be quite strong and durable, and combined with the fact that it only add’s a couple inches to the overall profile makes it hard to beat. Again, for a product that’s sub $30, good luck finding a better option.
    For the sake of experimentation I’ve also purchased the 1/2-20 UNF Suppressor sold here to be mated to the Donyfl barrel extender for a sound & accuracy comparison. Even with those additional parts purchased, I will now have 2 Fantastic suppressors for under $100 and am eager to see how much of an auditory difference there will be between the two. Regardless, The fact that this works 100% out of the box at both stabilizing the barrel and reducing the rapport is enough to be a no-brainer. Buy this, and be happy.

  8. Davis Wallace (verified owner)

    Got this in today’s mail….put it on my Avenger Bull Pup and immediately went in the backyard to shoot a few targets. The only noise I noticed was the bolt and pellet hitting the target. Very quiet. Great product! The tree rats are in for a hard time, now.

  9. Kaoru Weightman (verified owner)

    It made a big difference on my Origin. It is much quieter than what it was, well worth the $20

  10. Soggy Dog (verified owner)

    When using crosman pellets and low reg setting, this makes the avenger super quite. I was sitting outside talking with my parents while zeroing the scope and my shots were not interrupting the conversation at all. My father was so impressed that he stole mine! Now I need to get a another one.

  11. Buddy (verified owner)

    Great product, great fit, and really quiets the .22 avenger.

    Avenger and Origin Suppressor
  12. Richard Moore (verified owner)

    I have the original avenger and a avenger bullpup, the original has a donnyfl barrel stablizer and a sumo on it. The bullpup has a buck rail supressor with the stabilizer built in it is just as accurate as the donny and report is very close. both are .22 caliber and just in case you would like to know the buck cost one tenth of what the donny cost.

  13. Alan Larson (verified owner)

    Just installed this suppressor on my Avenger .177. I had to readjust the point of aim because of the barrel centering built into this suppressor. If it were not for the sound of the hammer my rifle would be totally silent. Great job Buck-Rail

  14. Eddie (verified owner)

    My experience with the air venturi avenger buck n rail moderators…ordered this because of the hype and good reviews. Shipped appropriately! Got it in 5 days approx. Looked nice. Installed them on all 3 calibers. Did .177 first. While installing noticed threads were smaller so I was careful. Very loose. Threads are too small. Shot .177 and did Not change decibel much. Same thing on my .22 and .25 caliberz. Not good for pesting or hunting such as I do. May be ok for bb gun plinking and such. I do NOT recommend this for hunting or pest control. I feel it is a waists for that. Seems like the good reviews are friends or something and just a cheap way to make some money. I do NOT recommend. Waisted my time and money on these is how it is for me, very sad 🙁

    • Terry

      Folks, please… just send me a buck n email. I will make it right if you have ANY issues. ANY… I like to sleep well at night and would rather be defrauded than have someone think I’ve taken advantage of them. I can’t do that unless you contact me and let me know what the problem is. Surely you’d rather have someone speak to you first and give you an opportunity to reconcile rather than go straight to slandering your name. That would be the adulty and manly thing to do don’t ya think? You’ve been refunded AND I wrote you a poem:

      Don’t yell, send an email
      Tell me your problems, perhaps I can solve them
      Can’t fix your marriage, or your baby carriage
      But I can give you a refund, or send you a new one

      -Terry, that airgun guy

  15. Randy Hood (verified owner)

    AWESOME product! I don’t generally give ratings. But all of this was unbelievably. I ordered this suppressor mid-afternoon on a Friday and it shipped that same day. From Texas to Georgia I had it in my hand the follow Tuesday. Installed it on my Avenger and was amazed how quite it made it. No change to POI. And looks great to boot! Thanks for making a great product and a fair price and most of all thank you for your service!

  16. Charles (verified owner)

    It did suppose the sound quite a bit. However it bends easily and broke just one week l8ter. Will not buy again.

    • Terry

      I don’t blame you Charles. Definitely don’t recommend bending these things. They don’t bend, they break, lol. But they’re cheap and we stand behind our products, for what they are. You’ve been refunded!

  17. Liem Ha (verified owner)

    Received the suppressor for my Aspen today, wrong suppressor was shipped first time, contacted Terry with picture of the wrong item and immediately Terry ship out the correct suppressor. Installed today and the fitting is great. thank you for the great service, will order again for sure.

  18. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Great product fits good and makes your gun back yard friendly. 👍

  19. mark grado (verified owner)

    Fit and finish are perfect, reduces report substantially, does not change POI.

  20. HanginInCA (verified owner)

    Great product for my Avenger and Origin!

    Thank You!

  21. mikein210 (verified owner)

    Awesome fit great quality will be ordering for my others in my collection. Thanks from San Antonio keeping neighbors happy with very lil noise lol

  22. Alex B

    Excellent product Fits perfectly and makes the avenger nice and quiet also love the fact that it fits almost half of the suppressor in the shroud so it only makes the barrel 4 inches longer very pleased

  23. Brian S (verified owner)

    Great product that does what it is advertised to do! This thing looks great, and works to quiet the avenger better than I expected! And most of all didn’t break the bank!!

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