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New Products From Buck Rail

Howdy Folks. We’ve added a few products and will be adding more soon. Let me tell y’all about it real quick…

Crosman AR Grip Adapters

I’ve listed the Crosman AR Grip Adapters here:

These Grip Adapters work on the 1377, 1322, 2240, 2289, etc. They will come with a lifetime warranty. They will not work on the Marauder Pistol. I’m working on another version that will work on the P-Rod. It’s a more complex design, but I’m making good progress on that. You can check out a quick preview of the install here:

Crosman RMR Mounts

I’ve listed the Crosman RMR mounts here:

They’ll be available on 3/5/24. In the meantime, you can sign up to be notified when they are put in stock. They’re compatible with the Crosman 2240, 1377, 1322, 362, and 3622 and others like those. They will be come with a lifetime warranty.

You can check out a quick preview of the install here:

Crosman 3622

While I’m on the subject of Crosman mods I might as well mention this one. I’ve made a pretty over-the-top Conversion for the Crosman 3622. This is an ongoing project and nothing is finalized, yet. The one pictured above has a Nylon AR Grip Adapter with 1913 Pic Stock Adapter, and full length floating aluminum handguard. I’ve also come up with a simple improved cap for the fill nipple and a threaded suppressor adapter that allows for filling. Those are coming soon. Weeks.

The Quick Takedown Stock Pictured above is in production and will be available to order in a few weeks. It will be compatible with any airgun that has a rear-facing 1913 pic rail and any airgun we make an adapter for. So that would be the Diana Chaser, Bandit, Airbug, Beeman 2027/2028, Diana Stormrider, Crosman 2240, 1377, 1322, 2289, P-Rod, Huben GK1, and more. Stay tuned for that.

Huben GK1

A lot of small companies are coming out with stuff for this airgun. It seems like anytime I post something for it someone or multiple folks do the same thing right after me or they incorporate my ideas into their existing products. Same thing on the Notos. Whether they copied me or not, it’s a bit discouraging and I will likely put this platform on the backburner until the dust settles. Especially because a lot of these folks are marketing way more aggressively than I’m willing to.

With that being said, I will press with the products that are already available. The Grip Adapters for the v1 are available and the Grip Adapter for the v3 will be available within a month. You can check those out here:

The Machined Aluminum Rear Pic Adapters for the Huben GK1 are also available now. They are covered by a lifetime warranty. You can check those out here:

You can check out a short preview of the installation here:

Also, expect to see optics mounts for the Huben GK1 available through Buck Rail soonl. I’ll be partnering with on that. He’s one of the original Huben GK1 aftermarkets parts guys and worthy of the airgun community’s support. He’s getting ripped off worse than me and he’s not as established as Buck Rail. I’ve tested some of his 3d parts and they are top-notch. If you’re into the Huben GK1 definitely check out his stuff at

AV Avenger

The Improved Avenger Nylon Grip Adapter (accepts metal extension tubes, compatible with bottles and plenums) will be listed soon. More details will be posted this week. We’ll still offer our original grip adapter as well.

Upcoming Products

Here’s a shortened list of some upcoming Buck Rail products to be on the lookout for:

  • Barra 1100z Tac Conversion
  • Gauntlet 1, G2, and SL30 Kits. These will be available through the Gauntlet king, Hajimoto Productions
  • Air Venturi Avenge-X Tactical Conversion
  • Improved kits for the Diana Bandit, Chaser, Airbug, Stormrider, and Trailscout

What’s Next?

  • Folks have been hounding me about the Airacuda Max long enough. I’ll give it a go soon.
  • Crosman ICON Kit Redesign
  • Much much more…

Other Interesting News

I’m still chipping away at the Hatsan Sortie Full-Auto Conversion and the Blitz M2 Projects. The latest on the Blitz M2…

The base has a backplate that is bolted to the steel frame under the body. The mount accepts the M2 Pintle so it can be quickly taken down, moved to the tripod, or installed by just pulling the detent pin and lifting it out or dropping it in. I’m going to have a small bottle under the body. It will be tethered with the plumbing ran through the carbon fiber tube so that it will be mostly hidden and protected. Then I’ll need to find a place to run it…

Shadow Ban

We are currently shadow banned on Facebook and Instagram and have multiple strikes on our YouTube channel. Our social accounts currently cannot be shown to folks who are not followers, subscribed etc. and we cannot advertise or promote our company or products on any major platform. I’ve recently discovered that we are severely limited for good financing and insurance options as a “firearms-adjacent” company. I’m looking into it to see what our options are. If you ever hear me say “like, subscribe, share” etc. please cast me into the sea. With that being said, if you care to support or promote Buck Rail feel free to spread the word however you see fit.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Thank you for your business and thank you for your support. It’s not taken for granted and I’ll continue to work hard to earn it!



7 thoughts on “New Products From Buck Rail

  1. Thanks Terry, any tact conversion for the Umerex Airsaber on the slate or the Air Ventura AvengerX or the Barra1100Z ? Those are the only brands I buy.

  2. Keep doing what you are doing! All of your products are exceptional and I for one appreciate everything you do!

  3. Your doing amazing cant believe the social media silence its insane. And iam excited to see the g2 stock come out cant wait thanks again

  4. Just to let you know, the suppressor you sent me for my Beeman underlever broke in half. I think there was a weak spot in the back where the cone shape stops on the seam.Anyway, I threw it away. So much for 3d printed suppressors……

    1. James, first off you’ve been refunded. Secondly, reach out to us next time and we’ll take care of you. They can have unseen weak spots between layers. It happens from time to time and we’re up-front about that. We do offer metal suppressors as well. They are certainly more durable if you have the dough. However, there are literally tens of thousands of our suppressors in use on high powered airguns all over the world and, for the price, these can’t be beat. We make it super easy to get a replacement, if necessary. Just gotta let us know.


    1. Thank you!

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