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This will be a quick one. I just put three new products up that I forgot to tell y’all about in the last post. Check ’em out!

Diana P-Five Adjustable Stocks

Much like our other Stocks it includes a machined 4140 steel adapter, polymer extension tube, and long steel bolt for reinforcement. It can be used as a cocking aid without fear of it breaking. I like it most with the UTG Pro S4 Buttstock, but it can be purchased with all the buttstocks we offer. The LOP for the S4 is 12-14.5 inches. It is 12-16 inches for all the other stocks. Works great for kids or adults. Mine has the front sight cut off and a CF shroud for a cocking aid for my youngest son. It’s a really fun pick-up-and-shoot airgun.

Diana P-Five Adjustable Stocks

Crosman Threaded Adapters w/Front Sight Posts

This is a new option for our UNF threaded adapter for Crosman 7/16 inch barrels. It has a dovetail groove cut into the top so that a front sight can be pressed in. It comes with a 3d printed ASA front sight. I set the height so that it can be cut down. It can be easily filed, painted, glued, etc. if you want to customize it to your liking. Works on the Crosman 362 (pictured below), 2240, 2289, and 13XX with long barrels etc.

Crosman Threaded Adapters w/Front Sight Posts

Crosman 24 inch Barrels

I’ve added the 24 inch barrels from Crosman in .177 and .22 caliber. These are a little long for my taste, but they do work on the 2240, 1322, 1377, 2289, etc. especially with our AR Carbine conversions. All of our barrels now ship in triangular boxes with custom made spacers that secure the barrel within the packaging to cut down on the possibility of damage and/or getting stuck in USPS distribution conveyors (yeah, that happened).

Crosman 24 inch Barrels

The Crosman parts have been going quickly, but not coming in quickly. I’m working with them on this issue.

Thank you for your trust, thank you for your business, and thank you for your support. I’ll keep working hard to earn it!



11 thoughts on “New Products From Buck Rail

  1. I just wanna say absolutely perfect job on all your products . My 1377 shoots to kill now . It’s more accurate now with the suppressor on it thanks Terry

  2. Hi Terry, sorry about your dad, my condolences. Quick question, do now ship to the Great White North?

    1. Hello Mark. Thank you. We do ship to Canada, but customs can be hit or miss. I usually recommend folks reach out to Wes at to get ahold of our goods. I can ship to Wes in a bulk orders that are easier to get through customs for reasons unknown to me.

  3. I’m glad someone is selling the Crosman barrels at a more reasonable price. You guys are awesome.

  4. Nice, but I need a single shot tray for a, AEA .45 cal big bore side lever challenge. I can’t find anyone who makes it,can you make it?

  5. Will you be making a magazine for the Notos?

  6. Doing a great job with all that’s been goin on with you, keep doin what you’re doin. Shared my stuff with my brother when I upgraded my moderators he loves it,shot my crosman 177 pumped it up like normal sounded like I only pumped twice got my tree rat!! Thanks Terry

  7. Hello Terry, any chance you will make the double tube kit for the prod? Tia

  8. Keep your custom parts and ideas coming.
    You’re doing a great job of quality options for airguns.

  9. These are nice !! Do you have any accessories for the gauntlet sl 30 ? I ordered your .30 moderator was hoping you made the barrel band for those but did not see them.

  10. Hi Terry I hope you and your family doing well after your lost .I still Saying a pray for you and your family .George Thayer God bless .the stock looks great as all your parts do .

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