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Buck Rail News 2/8/24

Howdy folks. It’s been a while. I hope this newsletter finds you well. I have a lot of updates to share so to keep things brief and simple here’s a summary of what is covered in this post if you’d like to read further.

UX Origin Tactical Conversion Release
Products recently put back in stock
New Product Releases
New Options for Existing Products
Shipping Changes
Upcoming Projects
Side Folder News/Update
Heavily Discounted Products
A Personal Note

UX Origin Tactical Conversion

The UX Origin Tactical Conversion Kit is posted, but will not be released until Friday, 3/8/24. In case it’s delayed you can sign up on the product page to be notified when it is dropped.

This grip adapter will also work on the Air Venturi Avenger. We’ll still keep the old Avenger Grip Adapter up so that folks have options. This grip adapter is of a much higher grade of material with a much finer finish than the parts I manufacture myself. Which bring me to my next point.

This kit is a bit pricier than I’d like for it be. The grip adapter is the main price driver. I’m currently having it manufactured by another company in Houston. There’s also a small machined part for securing the adapter to the airgun. I plan to make these commercial-grade parts in-house eventually and I’ll be able to bring the price down dramatically. It’s still way under anything else out there, but I know we can do better on the price, in time, with the right equipment.

Back in Stock

I’m getting caught up slowly, but surely. Here’s what just went back in stock, in case you weren’t notified:

Marauder Pistol Tactical Conversion Kits
UX Notos Tactical Conversion Kits
13XX UNI Suppressors
Avenger UNI Suppressors

New Products

We’ve recently added some new items to the lineup:

Magpul MOE K2 Grip
Magpul MOE K2-XL Grip
Hatsan Blitz Threaded Adapter
UTG Bug Buster 3-12X32 AO Scope

I’ll likely be adding more optics from Leapers. We’re also a dealer for Monstrum Tactical now and will likely be adding some of their optics and other products. Are there any other brands in the budget category that you’d like for Buck Rail to carry? Let us know.

New Options

I’ve started making changes to our product listings to provide more options on our Tactical Conversion Kits. Most of our kits now allow you to choose Black or Flat Dark Earth grips and/or buttstocks so they no longer need to be added separately. Also, with the addition of the Magpul Grips there will be more grip options to choose from within the grip adapter or kit listing. The following products have new options available:
Beeman Marshall Carbine
Diana Chaser Carbines
Avenger Tac Kits
Beeman 202X Tac Kits
P-Rod Stocks
13XX Stocks
2240 Stocks
Stormrider Tac Kits
P-Rod Tac Kits
Notos Tac Kits

Shipping Changes

Speaking of options, we’ve added more shipping options for domestic and international customers. There are still some things to work out on the back end, but you should now be seeing a handful of shipping options to choose from. We still offer “free” USPS shipping on all domestic orders, but you can now select faster methods or UPS shipping methods. For our international customers, we had some issues initially getting the rates to calculate properly, but that is mostly ironed out now. If anyone overpays for shipping we will refund the difference.

Upcoming Projects

Huben GK1 – We’ve had VERY many inquiries about our Huben GK1 parts. I’m working on it. The rear pic stock adapter will be released first. It will be CNC machined aluminum. I’ve put the order in with the manufacturer. Now we just wait.

Some projects on the agenda. I’ve slowed down a bit so these could be far off:
Barra 1100Z and Beeman Chief Tac Kits
Gauntlet Tac Kit
Beeman 202X and Crosman ICON Tac Kit Redesign
Crosman RMR Sight Mount
Quick Takedown Pic Clamping Stocks
Magnetic Side Fold Pic Clamp Stock
Threaded Magnetic Side Folder
UX Fusion 2 Tac Kit

And much more…

Side Folder Update

We got word from Leapers that they have discontinued their AK side folder. From what I understand, they may have a replacement for that product coming in October. I don’t know anything about it, but I’m fairly confident it will be overbuilt for airguns and the price will likely reflect that. I plan on offering more side folder options that make more sense for airguns. The side folders pictured above clamp to a rear-facing pic rail and latches magnetically. I also have a more robust threaded version in the works. Unlike our Poor Man’s Side Folder these use only common off-the-shelf parts. Stay tuned for those.

Speaking of the Poor Man’s Side Folders. They are out of stock right now while we wait for more custom machined steel hinge pins to come in. It will likely be a month or so before we have those back in stock. That was my fault. I’m working on it.

Discounted Stocks

I’ve recently dropped the price on all of our UTG Buttstocks in order to clear out some room for other products. I really like these buttstocks, especially the S4. They are made in USA and nothing comes close price-wise. But apparently most folks don’t want ’em. That’s their loss and mine, but gain for you! Subscribers can use this code – LONGREAD – for an additional $5 off of the already very low prices. Check those out here:
UTG S3 Buttstock
UTG S4 Buttstock

A Personal Note

Many of you offered your condolences and encouragement in comments and emails when my father passed away. I threw that obituary up so that folks would understand when I take a step back for a bit. I didn’t expect so much love from our customers, associates, and friends. It was unexpected and surprisingly comforting. Thank you all very much. I won’t forget that.

This year you’ll start seeing some of my designs popping up under major OEM brands. This is good. The big companies can bring these things to the market at lower prices and better quality than I can and it will help us to keep scaling up without me running myself into the ground. There’s a lot of cool stuff in the pipeline. Keep a look out for that.

As always, thank you for putting your trust and confidence in us. Thank you for your business. And thank you for your support. We’ll keep working hard to earn it!



10 thoughts on “Buck Rail News 2/8/24

  1. I have been a customer / friend of Terry’s for 3+ years and have used and admired Terry’s work. I have turned him on to many other airgun reviewers. I’ll be buying more goodies .My airgun safe looks like it was dragged thru a Buck -Rail catalog . 🙂

  2. I hope that crosman rmr mount will fit the dovetail steel breech on the 13xx!

    1. It would mount on the barrel in front of the steel breech. I should make an RMR mount for the steel breech as well though. That’s a good idea. I’ll do it.

  3. love your sight & products. would like to see some sort of conversion kit for the diana trailscout

    1. Thank you very much Ron. Our Diana Stormrider kit fits on the Trailscout.

  4. Can you suggest a light weight chassis for the Marauder?

    1. Hmm. I do plan on making a chassis for the Marauder Rifle. It will be much like the P-Rod kit.

      This is the only other option that I know of:

  5. Great stuff Terry! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  6. The rear pic rail adapters are the way to go. Once we put a R/F pic rail on an airgun we can order different fixed/folding stocks to adapt .Easy to swop out and more options with a minimum of printing.= more $$$ to come up with more goodies that I will be ‘forced’ to buy 🙂 My Bandit is now a folder ,and as soon as I can get that glued moderator off.. a new B/R moderator will be needed.

  7. Do you have any plans for accessorizing the Avenge-X platform? I can foresee a huge market for your goodies within the Avenge-X market.

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