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Crosman Side Folders

New Product Update 9/1/2022

Just a quick update on the Poor Man’s Side Folders. I’ve released the rear-facing picatinny adapters for mounting the side folders on the Crosman 13XX, 2240, etc.

If that’s all you need to know you can check those out here:

Poor Man’s Side Folder

I never announced it, but I’ve also added a cheaper minimalist fixed-LOP option. There was something wrong with “The Poor Man’s Side Folder” costing $80 (Still way cheaper than any option I currently know of). Just to ensure that it lives up to it’s name I added a cheaper option that turned out pretty slick. You now have the option to choose from adjustable side folding stock or fixed side folder.

You can see that mounted on the 2289 in my latest instructional video posted on the YouTube.

Rear Pic Adapter Plans

So far, I’ve made the side folder compatible with the Hatsan Sortie, Beeman 2027, and now the Crosman 13XX, 2240, etc. I’ve also completed a design for the DIANA BANDIT, CHASER, AND AIRBUG. It should be a couple of weeks before I get the aluminum parts for those, but I will release the adapters as soon as I get that in. I have some things to work out for the MARAUDER PISTOL adapter, but I should have that ready next. Fortunately it doesn’t need any machined parts, so I’ll be able to get that to market faster. Here’s a P-Rod preview:

P-Rod with Side Folder, Forearm, Grips, Suppressor, and AOEG Scope.

Crosman ICON Tactical Conversion

These are done. I just need to take pictures, make install video, edit, and list them. The Beeman 2027 and Crosman ICON are very similar. The Grip Adapter and Stuck Tube are almost identical, but for a few minor differences. The kit uses the barrel band as a mounting point for the forearm. There will only be one forearm option on this one. I’ll also add a couple of barrel bands to the mix. Here’ a preview of how that turned out:

ICON with tactical Conversion Kit, Barrel Band, UNF Suppressor, and AOEG Scope

What’s Next?

Some of you may remember that I was testing a direct fit suppressor for the AEA HP SS Max a while back. We’ve had a lot of inquireies since then for the AEA airguns and other big bores. I ended up not selling it because the threads were too fine and were easily cross-threaded during installation. I decided against the direct fit route and went with a threaded adapter from DFL and a suppressor with metal threads from yours truly. I’ve worked up the suppressors in M18X1 for .357 and .457. I’ve tested them on a couple of 357 AEA’s and the Air Force Texan 457. I need to do more extensive testing, but they seem to hold up well, they definitely work well, and look slick. Whether or not I release them after all this will depend on how busy we are and if testing goes okay. If none of this stuff sells well I’ll probably put those out there too and then take a break from designing new stuff for a while. Check ’em out!

Stay tuned! Thank you for your business, thank you for your support, and thank you for the opportunity to serve you! We’re working hard at cranking out great products at great prices!

– Terry

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Crosman Combo Mounts

I’ve made some improvements to our Crosman Scope Mounts. The 13XX pump tube is smaller in diameter than the 2240 CO2 tube. This meant that if I made it fit very snuggly on one it would not have the same fit on the other. They were still an improvement over the 459 intermounts, but the one-size-fits-all approach was a limiting factor. If you have a loose breech screw or loose fitting barrel cap on the 13XX you could end up with some barrel movement that would have otherwise gone unnoticed without using the barrel to mount an optic. The barrel movement was there before. You just didn’t know until you put a lever on it. I still highly recommend the steel breech, but have provided what I hope is the next best thing.

Now there are two versions. One for a snug fit on the smaller 13XX pump tube and another for a snug fit on the 2240 CO2 tube. I’ve also made them into combination dovetail/weaver mounts much like our Sheridan Scope Mounts. The 13XX mounts will have “13XX” on the sides so we can tell them apart easily and not get them mixed up and send you the wrong stuff.

Check out the listing here:

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Crosman 2240 Forearm

Our forearm for the Crosman 2240 is finally here. I worked out the details of the design a while back, but had to wait quite some time for the hardware to come in. It doesn’t require any modification of the stock airgun parts. It mounts securely utilizing the trigger guard and barrel band as attachment points and comes with all the hardware needed for installation. I’ve incorporated a picatinny/weaver rail for mounting accessories. It goes great with our adjustable stock, grip, and suppressors. Check it out in the video below!

Check out the product listing here:

I think I’m gonna take a break for a bit after this. Design-a-palooza has been fun, but I need to recover. Give me at least a week. The Diana parts will be next!

Thank you!


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Crosman 2240 Suppressor Update

The front sight post has come back. It learned a lot while it was away. We’ve reconciled our differences and found a compromise. I’ve let go of the indexing flat and he will no longer ruin one half of my prints as long as I put him at the very front of the suppressor and only print him on the 3d printers of his choosing.

The front sight post will need to be aligned manually now but it’s straighter, looks better, and works better. I’ve added the option to purchase the suppressor with or without the front sight post. You can find that here: 2240 Suppressor