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Crosman Combo Mounts

I’ve made some improvements to our Crosman Scope Mounts. The 13XX pump tube is smaller in diameter than the 2240 CO2 tube. This meant that if I made it fit very snuggly on one it would not have the same fit on the other. They were still an improvement over the 459 intermounts, but the one-size-fits-all approach was a limiting factor. If you have a loose breech screw or loose fitting barrel cap on the 13XX you could end up with some barrel movement that would have otherwise gone unnoticed without using the barrel to mount an optic. The barrel movement was there before. You just didn’t know until you put a lever on it. I still highly recommend the steel breech, but have provided what I hope is the next best thing.

Now there are two versions. One for a snug fit on the smaller 13XX pump tube and another for a snug fit on the 2240 CO2 tube. I’ve also made them into combination dovetail/weaver mounts much like our Sheridan Scope Mounts. The 13XX mounts will have “13XX” on the sides so we can tell them apart easily and not get them mixed up and send you the wrong stuff.

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