Crosman Combination Scope Mounts

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Clamping Optics Mount for Crosman Airguns

  • Combination mounts compatible with 21mm Picatinny and 3/8″ Dovetail optics
  • 3D printed from ABS plastic in the USA in Texas by a veteran-owned business
  • Made to be Self-Centering on the Crosman 1322, 1377, 362, 2289, and 2240
  • Replaces the Crosman 459MT Intermount.
  • FREE Shipping to anywhere in the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS


Use this mount to add a scope, red dot, or other optic to many airguns that use a 7/16″ barrel. You can select either 13XX or 2240 mounting when checking out. The 1377, 1322, 2289 (drifter), and 362 have a different tube size than the 2240 or the other Crosman CO2 pistols. Be sure to select the correct option at checkout!

Much like the Crosman 459MT Intermount, it is compatible with quite a few Crosman airguns. With the 1322, 1377, 362, 2289, and 2240 it is self-centering. Since it is made from plastic it clutches the barrel very firmly without scratching or damaging it. It uses 2 screws to clamp on to a 7/16″ airgun barrel for a firm grip. Instead of using only one screw threaded into aluminum, this clamp uses two 18-8 Stainless Steel screws threaded into flush-mounted stainless nuts.

I added the “Extended Single” option for our 1X20 Red Dot Sights. That red dot only requires one 36mm mount. You can get away with mounting it on one of the smaller “Short set of 2” mounts, but it will not quite look as nice, in my opinion.

Many customers have asked if it is compatible with older model 13XXs. I have had a few customers with 1377s from the late 1970s and early 80s use this mount on their airguns after removing the spacer between the barrel and pump tube.

This video is way outdated, but shows the installation process just the same:

Additional information

Weight.9 oz
Dimensions2.25 × 2 × 1 in

Crosman 13XX, Crosman 2240


Extended Single, Short Set of 2

33 reviews for Crosman Combination Scope Mounts

  1. Nathan B (verified owner)

    The mounts for the 1377 are fantastic! Easy installation and provides a secure mount for a scope without needing to invest in a steel breech.

  2. gary J (verified owner)

    actually I prefer these mounts over the steel breech for fixing a scope to a 13xxx. I find they provide a more sturdy platform due to the design which provides a much more stable footprint vs a steel breech which is held in place by two screws ( one being very small) which has a tendency to loosen and poses another problem to resolve when loading pellets, no major problem but a problem to address all the same ,and one that dose not exist in as much detail with the original plastic breech on the 13xx.
    it is evident that the folks over at buck-rail have done a fair amount of homework in the design instead of simply making something that sorta works better they made something that really works better. If your of the notion to attach varmint lights or other accessories to your scope I would highly recommend you use these . if you desire a steel breech for a more accurate platform in which to secure your barrel a short steel breech can be found. I am very impressed with all products i’ve added from buck rail. well almost all , i was a bit disappointed with a bipod , My first purchase from them as it had a bit more slop than I expected .but considering the price I could live with that , and as qll things reveal it actually has become one perfectly versatile piece of equip (check out the pic rail attachment on the silencer adapter on the 1377 along with the plumper pumper ; Buck-Rail.
    the 1322 is sporting better ( in my opinion) scope mounts and a collapsible butt stock which is solid without wobble at the point of attachment, a drop of blue helps keep it locked in place . ;Buck-Rail. still a long way to go and with yet other projects in planning (362) buck rail will be my go to especially as I ride the storm and beyond. Oh … did I mention customer service ? WOW..P.O. delivered to wrong address, I jumped through their hoops of total frustration which led me to further frustration less than a week later I found a box on my doorstep containing an adapter a buffer tube and a mft stock. USPS could not confirm recovery of package, so I assume Buck-Rail made it right. either or I don’t know, but I do know communication with them was calming.

  3. Doug (verified owner)

    These mounts are AWESOME!!!!
    They clamp to the barrel and hold absolutely steady!!! I can’t believe how great they are for the price!!! No disassembly of the gun to install them like a steel breech would . I installed mine in 5 minutes, have shot hundreds of shots since and they are as steady now as when I put them on.
    The service from Terry is terrific!! I live in Pennsylvania ordered them Friday morning they were in my mail box Monday afternoon!!!!!

  4. John tewelow (verified owner)

    I am impressed with the clever design that fits 3/8, 11mm, weaver and picatinny with the same mount. They install on the barrel tight and the design prevents rocking from side to side.
    I took a risk and got these for the 362 instead of the 13xx and sadly they don’t work for the 362. They fit and have no wiggle or slop but ….
    There is too much space between the breech and the front barrel band causing the barrel to bow slightly upward between them. This makes the muzzle dip slightly putting the impact point of the pellet to far out to adjust back in with the optic.
    I also have a 1377 so no loss for me either way

  5. Jigmaster

    Update on my purchase. Without even requesting a refund, and within a couple hours after my initial review, buck rail refunded my purchase price + tax. The mounts are built well but I am the one who took a chance because the description specifically said made for 1322 model rifle. What an awesome company and I wish them the best in the future. I will be buying a 1322 pistol in the near future and I will definitely consider buckrail products for any upgrades

  6. Jigmaster (verified owner)

    I do not recommend this product for the Crossman 362 .22 caliber rifle. I tried them because of the low price and took a chance. I installed them but they have an 1/8 inch slop windage wise. They do hold tight and do not slide up or down the barrel. I wrapped two layers of black electrical tape around the barrel under the mounts and that helped a bit but still some slop right, left movement. I mounted a CV life compact scope and I got it zeroed perfect on elevation but the windage was unable to get a solid zero. It will do for now for back yard plinking, but I’ll be buying a more expensive solid steel mount in the near future for hunting small game. If you don’t own the new 362 carbine, you might want to pick one up. The plastic sights are crap but this rifle is dead accurate using several brands of pellets.

    • Terry

      Your scope mounts were for the 2240 or other airguns with a CO2 tube. The CO2 tube is wider than the pump tube. The 362 has a pump tube. That’s why they didn’t fit right. I don’t recommend the 2240 scope mounts for the Crosman 362 either, but I do recommend the 13XX mounts. I see how that can be confusing, but if y’all ever have any problems I’m only an email or phone call away. I’ve refunded you anyhow.

  7. Matt Tody (verified owner)

    Very nice product at a very good price. I highly recommend this item.

  8. Eugene Adelman (verified owner)

    I received mounts for my crosman 2240 they work great. Very nice product suoper fast shipping. A+

  9. Chris (verified owner)

    Self Centering, sturdy, looks good. Delivery was fast. What else do you want for around 12 bucks? Would definately buy again.

  10. Doug Downie (verified owner)

    Works great,fast delivery. Support a small American business and build up your 1322/77.

  11. Carl (verified owner)

    i got these mounts to replace the 459 crosman mounts on my 1322. they fit a lot better and were more than up to the task for holding a 4×32 short scope . they are rock solid and do not move even with a good amount of pressure applied to the scope. nice product i am glad i found this site.

  12. Michael Gentry

    For the Crosman P1377BR American Classic
    Ordered the Clamping Optics Mount and reflex sight package deal
    It fits perfectly and securely. I looked all over the net and YT for something that looked to have quality. This did! I’m very pleased with the perches.

  13. James Johnson (verified owner)

    I ordered the 21w mounts (2) for the Crosman 2240 .22 pellet pistol. Gun ranges are still closed here and it was easy to set up an inexpensive 10 meter range in my basement. I’ll be 75 on the 14th and my eyes tire easily. My range guns use scopes and a couple Red Dots to be more accurate. One buck-rail mount fits perfectly on the Sig Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot and I’ll save the second mount for the Crosman 2300T once they’re back in stock. Very nice product and delivery was on time. Thank you!

  14. Edward (verified owner)

    I purchased the picatinny style for my
    1377. Installed in minutes an very pleased how solid these are. Shot 5 pellets with a new dot style scope an dead center bullseye. Very nice very happy. Thanks

  15. Hank (verified owner)

    Works as intended and delivered promptly.

  16. Russell Wallace (verified owner)

    Received my mounts for my .177 pistol Monday 1wk from ordering. Fast shipping and GREAT set of mounts. Solid on barrel perfectly made with correct angle on bottom to contact metal pump tube from both sides. Great detail. Got the dove tail for a 6$ scope at Walmart and shooting 5 shot groups in a dime @ 50’ can’t wait to get outside.

  17. billy andrews (verified owner)

    just got my mounts yesterday in the mail , so i haven’t had a chance yet to install on my 1377 . think i will wait until i get my stock done and reblue my barrel before I do it

  18. Rob (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Solid mount, no play at all. Fast delivery and can’t beat the price.

  19. Wendell (verified owner)

    Got these today, and they make for a solid mount! Unlike the Crosman 459 mounts, these have a radius that SITS on the pump tube, preventing the barrel from twists and turns. Well worth the money! Thanks!

  20. Big J’s Outdoors & Airguns (verified owner)

    An amazing product at an amazing price! Made it possible to mount a scope on my 1377 and maintain accuracy. No more barrel flopping around. Can’t recommend these enough! Thank you!

  21. Jan Duivestein

    Terry thanks
    For the fast delivery of the mounts. (To the Netherlands) They are much better than the Crosman 459MT mounts

  22. JT (verified owner)

    Fast service and great craftsmanship! Crosman mounts are garbage compared to these. Btw….cute note. Thanks

  23. Larry martell (verified owner)

    Fast reply to email, fast shipping, great guy and great part

  24. Jason H.

    I first bought Crosman 459MT Intermount – it’s so unstable and causing barrel movements all the time – completely useless.

    Then I found Buck-Rail and this wonderful replacement! It’s very well designed. Not only it’s a great mount, but also serves as a spacer between barrel and the main tube. Now my mounted scope is rock solid. This is truly one of a kind product.

  25. NY Plinker (verified owner)

    The Best mounting system for the 137u or 1322. Don’t let the plastic dissuade you -it’s super strong and holds zero perfectly without adding weight. The value of the product exceeded my expectations to the point that I’d happily pay twice as much for such a stellar product from a great family business. Be sure to check out the vids on mounting as I did before buying and you’ll see how good these little rails are for yourself. Thanks, Buck-Rail, for such a great, lightweight mount!

  26. Andre Thomas (verified owner)

    I’m extremely satisfied with your scope mounts. At first, I was cautious and ordered only one dovetail and 2 Weaver mounts.

    These items arrived promptly via U.S. Postal Service.

    I installed the Weaver mount first. Everything went fast and simple. Zeroing in my red dot was no problem with these mounts…and has maintained zero to this day. The fit, finish and build quality is very good. Properly installed, these mounts will do the job.

    In conclusion, I’ll simply state that I ordered more Weaver mounts for myself and for gifts.

  27. Jed Paul

    Very solid mount, a vast improvement over the Crosman mounts. No movement of optics. Now just need to sight in and go shooting.

  28. Michael Montgomery (verified owner)

    Vary good mounts, I put them on my 1322. I’m going to get a 1377 next, I’ll be back for another set for it.

  29. LeeS

    Ten stars. I went down a rabbit hole looking for the right scope for a 1377, opinions all over the board, and all I needed was to remove some aggressive sparrows that were harassing our purple martins. And then I stumbled across Buck-Rail. I was impressed with the installation video and thought the 3D printing would yield a good fit. YES it did. This plus the Hawkeye sight really upped my game and for much less than other options. Thanks Buck Rail.

  30. Jando (verified owner)

    Outstanding product at a very reasonable cost. Family-owned and operated; a big ups to the thank you note from the kiddos 🙂

    quick shipping, 10/10 what more could you ask for?

  31. Todd R. (verified owner)

    Without question, these are the BEST scope mounts for the Crosman 1377 on the market!! These grip the barrel and don’t let go. My scope is rock solid with these mounts!

    If you’re undecided whether or not you should get these or the Crosman 459MT mounts, don’t even think twice. My first go around I went with the Crosman mounts and no matter how much you try to tighten those mounts, it still wobbles. The screws will strip if you try to tighten them too much. Mine did. Rest assured you will not go wrong with the mounts from from Buck Rail!!

  32. Ben Myers (verified owner)

    I used these to put a red dot on my 1322 and they work perfectly. The design is awesome and much improved over the crosman version (which you can’t get in a weaver version). Shipping was very fast and I couldn’t be happier. Great company to do business with, hope they come out with more 1322 products!

  33. Jerry LaLonde (verified owner)

    I love your crosman 1377 scope mounts..they fit perfectly on my gun made accuracy perfect…they are awesome..keep up the great work…i will be ordering more items..highly recommend…love the thank you note. Speedy delivery too. Thank you

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