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Crosman 2240 Suppressor Update

The front sight post has come back. It learned a lot while it was away. We’ve reconciled our differences and found a compromise. I’ve let go of the indexing flat and he will no longer ruin one half of my prints as long as I put him at the very front of the suppressor and only print him on the 3d printers of his choosing.

The front sight post will need to be aligned manually now but it’s straighter, looks better, and works better. I’ve added the option to purchase the suppressor with or without the front sight post. You can find that here: 2240 Suppressor

2 thoughts on “Crosman 2240 Suppressor Update

  1. Neat idea. Will this work on after market barrels that may not have the flat spot on them?

    1. I would think so! There is no internal flat in these suppressors. Just a slip fit for an 11mm barrel.

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