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Diana Chaser Pistol with 3d printed silencer


I have a lot of new parts to release, but I couldn’t wait anymore on this one. This silencer is printed in Polymax Polycarbonate plastic. It takes 8 hours to print just one, but we get a much tougher product in the end. Some things that I’ve done differently with this one is include an expansion chamber at the muzzle, reduced ID baffles nearer the muzzle, and incorporated a stainless steel helical insert for very reliable threading/unthreading. This makes the Diana Chaser Pistol neighbor-friendly without affecting accuracy or muzzle velocity. Here’s a look at the inside:

Diana Chaser Silencer Designed and Modelled on Autodesk Fusion360

In this video I install the silencer and test fire the Chaser with and without it. I just got a new mic, so this video actually ALMOST does it justice. Also, you may notice another part I have in the works for the Chaser.

UPDATE! The suppressors are for sale HERE. The Barrel Bands are for sale HERE.

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  1. I just received the Diana Chaser. After the first firing I realized the neighbors will not like me.
    I have the .22 version and ask if the silencer is made for the .22 caliber?

    1. Hello, yes. They are compatible with .177 and .22. I’ve just added this information to the listing. Thank you very much!

  2. do your silencers fit the Crosman 2240?

    1. The Diana Chaser suppressor does not fit the Crosman 2240. I’m working on a steel adapter to adapt the 1/2-20 UNF suppressor to the 2240. I have made and sold a slip on suppressor for the 2240, but that is currently not for sale while I work out some kinks.

  3. When will you be selling them, I’ve been looking for this and the crossman 2240 threaded silencers but it seems you don’t sell them anymore.

    1. Yeah I stopped selling them for a while. I posted the files on the page titled “suppressors”. This is a side gig and every time I start selling silencers again I get too busy to design new stuff. In about two weeks I will be ready to start selling Chaser and 1/2” UNF suppressors.

  4. Well now I have to buy a Diana Chaser. My heirs do not like you . AWESOME product .Well done again.

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