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Crosman Adjustable Stock


Here’s a little preview of my latest project….

This 2240XL features our 1/2″ UNF Polycarbonate silencer, Dr. Murfee mount, folding bipod, 4×32 compact scope with high rise rings, and an adjustable 6 position stock. The stock adapter and buffer tube assembly can be seen in more detail below:

The buffer tube is 3D printed in ABS and all the other parts are steel. This particular setup allows for an 11″ to 14.5″ length of pull.

My son, Beaux, loves to shoot the Daisy Buck, but he can shoot much more accurately than the airgun can. I gave him this airgun set up at 11″ LOP and we saw a MAJOR improvement in accuracy and the airgun is actually easier for him to handle than the Daisy. Unfortunately, I had to take it away after he tried to take out a bird that landed on our fence…

It’ll be a bit before I start selling these. When I do it’ll be a complete kit at a great price.

Thanks y’all!

5 thoughts on “Crosman Adjustable Stock

  1. I Honestly wished that there is a silencer for my Umerex colt python .177bb revolver,polymer version . I really love shooting it but its so dam loud also wished i can put a skinny scope for it…..also i wish i can attach the crossman 1077 muzzlebrake on my daisy powerline 415 and especially i will love the crossman 1077 silencer more if it can fit onto the daisy powerline 415 such a missed opportunity like don’t get me wrong i love the daisy powerline 415 silencer bit i really love the other silencer for the crosman 1077….its probably selfish and waste of time for that and its understandable …. man also i wished there is a silencer for the crosman vigilante its loud as heck to be honest…..

  2. I’ve got the moderator, now I need the stock! Keep us updated!

  3. I think you should offer 2 kits. (A) is the stock and moderator.(B) is the “Beaux Kit”,the whole she-bang.
    Now, on to the 14x1LH Moderators for the Crosman F/ A guns !

    (buy more printers.Yur gonna need them.) … 🙂

  4. This is great news! I know I’ll need at least one.

  5. Love your products !!! Did you ever make a suppressor for the Crosman Vantage Model 82 and many other similar types with the flat top on the barrel muzzle end like the 2240 suppressor but different inside diameter. The 2240 suppressor works so well it’s unreal. The NP type air rifles are not quite as loud as CO2 or springer types but they are not backyard friendly either. Let us know more, you could just make a suppressor like the 2240 type with a slightly larger I.D. to fit the 82 series… Just an idea… Keep up the great work !!!

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