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Diana Chaser M10 x 1.00 Threaded Silencer

(7 customer reviews)


Diana Chaser M10 x 1.00 Threaded Silencer

  • Designed exclusively for the Diana Chaser Pistol
  • 3d printed in Polycarbonate in the US by a veteran-owned business
  • Utilizes high quality stainless steel helical inserts for extra durable threads
  • 7 cone-shaped interior baffle design with large muzzle exit expansion chamber
  • Dramatically reduces the report without diminishing accuracy or muzzle velocity
  • Ships Free to anywhere in the US via USPS 2-5 day mail


This Silencer is 3d printed out of super tough polycarbonate plastic and utilizes a stainless steel helical inserts for increased thread durability. The silencer has 7 cone-shaped baffles with an initial expansion chamber at the muzzle exit. It is compatible with the stock Diana Chaser Pistol and requires no modification to the airgun or any other parts. It dramatically reduces the report while maintaining the fantastic accuracy and muzzle velocity of this airgun. The stainless steel threads are M10x1.00.

Check out the video below for a look at installation and to hear it in action!

Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions6.5 × 1.2 × 1.2 in

7 reviews for Diana Chaser M10 x 1.00 Threaded Silencer

  1. Samn J. (verified owner)

    I am not gonna run around the bush about my review on this DIANA Chaser M10 x 1.0 Threaded Silencer. I am totally impressed of the noise output of this one. Comparing to the original silencer , this one has the same noise output as stated on my decibel meter. You don’t have to take my words for it , just get one and decide yourself. Thanks Terry for your Awesome customer service too, you are an amazing person.

  2. Joe (verified owner)

    Works as advertised! Takes the noise level WAY down. Five stars.

  3. Barry Randolph (verified owner)

    Great product, and great customer service.

  4. James Wilson (verified owner)

    Amazed at the quality for the price! Works great! Screws on tightly, looks nice and sleek. Definitely makes it quieter.

  5. Ron (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about this purchase for my Diana chaser but the first time I shot it with the suppressor on I had to laugh out loud because it blew me away on how quiet it was. This is a back yard dream to shoot. Great job .

  6. Robert Ziemann (verified owner)

    Just received my silencer. Watched the video before my purchase, Either the video was manipulated or i received a defective assembly. Yes it does quite the report but by no means the amount the video shows. I would say about 5 to 10 percent. At 20 bucks I got a cool add on.

    • Terry

      I’m always happy to help and only a polite email or phone call away. None of our videos are “manipulated”. In fact it’s usually the other way around. Folks say the videos don’t do them justice. It’s probably an eardrum calibration issue. However, you’ve been refunded for your unhappiness.
      Bestest Regards, Terry

  7. Joe C (verified owner)

    Great product, and even better customer service. Does it equal an expensive metal suppressor with removable cones? I don’t know; I’ve never had one. I’ve also never purchased anything before that was 3D printed, but what I found out when I received my suppressor was that the fit, finish, and overall quality is very good, and it outperforms its price tag by a country mile. After receiving the suppressor, I also bought the barrel band. After some time with both barrel band and suppressor, my assessment is – it would feel like a bargain if it were twice the price.

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