Chaser, Airbug, Bandit, & Stormrider Barrel Band

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Diana Barrel Band

  • Adds a 21mm accessory mount to the Diana Chaser, Airbug, Bandit, and Stormrider
  • Choose from single bottom rail or triple rail (One on bottom and one on each side)
  • Can be used to mount a Laser, Flashlight, Bipod, etc.
  • 3d printed in ABS plastic in the US by a veteran/family-owned business
  • FREE SHIPPING within the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS.


This mount is designed for and tested on the Diana Chaser and Airbug, but should work on the Bandit as well. The undermount picatinny rail allows you to mount a laser, flashlight, bipod, or other 21mm picatinny accessory. It is 3d printed in ABS plastic in one piece. It uses two stainless steel socket cap screws and nuts to clamp tightly onto the CO2 tube and barrel without damaging the airgun. It is available with a single bottom rail or with the additional side rails. Just choose your option before adding to cart.

To install it:

  1. Remove the 3 M4 set screws that secure the barrel and remove the barrel
  2. Loosen the 2 socket cap screws on the Barrel Band if not done already
  3. Slide the Barrel Band onto the larger CO2 tube(you may need to remove the CO2 cap)
  4. Reinstall the barrel, passing it through the smaller hole in the band
  5. Rotate the barrel into the proper position and tighten the 3 set screws
  6. Tighten the 2 socket cap screws in the barrel band(just make them snug, they do not need to be very tight)
  7. Reinstall the CO2 and cap if they were removed


Additional information

Weight.6 oz
Dimensions2.25 × 2 × 1 in

Single Bottom Rail, Triple Rail (Sides and Bottom)

8 reviews for Chaser, Airbug, Bandit, & Stormrider Barrel Band

  1. Matt (verified owner)

    Originally I wanted this because it didmt have the rear right on it but now I just all around prefer it to the oem part!

  2. Jerry (verified owner)

    I put this on my Diana Stormrider. I used a scroll saw and cut it in half so I wouldn’t have to take the barrel off. It turned out great.

  3. Michael jesch (verified owner)

    It was very hard to find this barrel band anywhere. It was a perfect snug fit that is sure to increase accuracy. P. S. Your prices are 2nd to none, thank you again!

  4. David M (verified owner)

    It is cool some one makes this, I have a another brand “band” on my chaser that is not as robust. They do seem to help accuracy, you are asking a lot of those 3 grub screws on the receiver with the narrow barrel.
    One note; I did order a band with one rail on the bottom before I knew Terry made a three rail one. It did seems a tad wider, did not measure and it may be my China bi pod but will have to modify something get it to clamp tighter. Problems installing? just spread it lightly with a screw driver and slip on..Tighten evenly and slowly . Clean the burr off barrel to fix the ruff pellet feed with a #953 dremel bit
    Keep on making cool stuff for use air gun nuts!

  5. Pappy (verified owner)

    Yes a barrel band with picatinny rail on the bottom for the Diana Chaser. Also added the Buck-Rail bipod. Great products at awesome prices. I will say i had a heck of a time getting the band on. Very tight on the barrel & CO2 tube. Keep the great products coming Buck-Rail…………

  6. Skruffy (verified owner)

    The one thing that always held me back from getting the diana chaser was the gap between barrel and air tube. This barrel band fixes that issue and solidifies the barrel amazingly. No flex at all. Nice tight fit. And the ability to add something with a picatinny section is a great addition.

  7. MARK STEPHAN (verified owner)

    The barrel band with picatinny rail works great with the Buck-Rail bipod that I just purchased and attached to my Diana Chaser rifle and it works! This is another fantastic product from Buck-Rail!

  8. Gerald McCotter (verified owner)

    I mounted one of these on my Diana Storm Rider so I could mount a bi pod. You couldn’t ask for anything better. It fit the gun perfectly, did not pull the barrel down at all. All I had to do was remove the barrel after removing my scope and install the band. Took about 3 minutes. Re-zeroed the scope and was in business. This is something that I have been looking for, for a long time. Kudos to you Terry, great product!! I already other products from you so I shouldn’t have been surprised when this work so well.

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