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Update 7/12/23: Airacuda Kits and Other News

Howdy Folks,

It’s been a while. I’m still not quite back to business as usual, but I have been busy with the business, as usual. I know a lot of folks have been waiting for us to release the JTS Airacuda Tactical Conversion Kit. I wanted to wait until I had the MAX kit ready as well, but it’s going to be a bit before I get some more design time. The kit for the JTS Airacuda base model is now available to ship. Check it out!

In other news

We now offer Diana Chaser Pistols in .177 and .22

I’ve also listed the pistols with tactical kits preinstalled. Instead of 3d printing these in my garage I have them made in industrial grade fused Nylon PA12 for a higher quality finish and higher strength. The kit includes chassis, grip, buttstock, suppressor, and 3 rotary mags. Check that out HERE.

I told y’all that I listed the Beeman Marshall Carbine kits in the last newsletter. I’ve now added the side folder option to those as well. We install the kits, clean the barrel, fill it, and run some lead through it to ensure it’s not a dud before shipping. Check those out HERE.

I’ve assembled a kit for replacing the spring roll pin in the 1377/1322 etc. Check that out HERE. It’s made up of off the shelf items, but conveniently bundled so that you don’t have to track the parts down yourself. I’ve also listed the parts you will need if you’re going to do it yourself. You can get the parts at your local hardware store. I’m only offering this because it has been a common request. I will be assembling a washer kit as well to take up the slack in the pump arm.

I’m phasing out Chinese buttstocks. We have a lot of good Made in USA options now:

UTG Pro S3
UTG Pro S4
Magpul MOE
Magpul Cheek Riser

We’ve added some more DonnyFL products. Check those out HERE.

Our friend Jason Hogueison requested a couple of barrel bands for his Kral Puncher Knight and NP-03 and loaned me his airguns to take measurements and test parts. I hade a few of the bands printed in Fused Nylon and have those listed as well. Check out Jason’s website HERE.

I’ve replaced our original direct fit Akela/Kratos Suppressor with an adapter for our UNI Suppressor. Check that out HERE.

I’m working with our polymer filament supplier to develop a Flat Dark Earth ABS filament. This will make it possible for us to offer many of our products in FDE. Hopefully the color comes out right. Stay tuned on that.

We have quite a few things out of stock right now. Part of that is high demand and part of that is bad management. I’m working on the bad management part. I’m not keen on raising prices, so I’m trying to get creative. These are problems I’m happy to have. Bear with me, y’all.

Thank you for your business, thank you for your support and the opportunity to serve y’all. I don’t take it for granted.



P.S. Baby and family are happy and healthy. Thank you for all the kind words, folks.

12 thoughts on “Update 7/12/23: Airacuda Kits and Other News

  1. Thank you for replying to my message that is top shelf you have no idea how much that means in this day and age your so busy putting a company together is one thing keeping it together is a whole other thing count on me to bring you as many new customers as I can
    Thanks again terry
    Ps two coyotes for one dog so far

  2. Hello I hope this year you have the kit convert for aircura Max.

  3. Glad to hear the family is doing so well
    Sad news here my dog of nine years was takin by coyotes a few nights ago I will be putting my beeman carbine and underlever work in the weeks coming up both have your conversation kits and parts thank you for your service
    From a lifetime customer

    1. Thank you John. I’m sorry to hear about your dog. That’s always tough. My old neighbor had the same happen to his pup. He got them to come back by using one of his chickens in a kennel as bait. All the best, Terry

  4. You ate the best my brother. Thank you for your service and we pray for you and family. Big prayers for your BuckRail business. Don’t apologize just keep ok keeping on. Thanks for all you do for us costumers. Things go ou as material increases. Just life. Proud to be one of your customers. Send ad many your way as we can. Thanks again GBlain

    1. I appreciate you Gary. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Good stuff as always!

    I need one of those 13xx pin replacement soon or later.
    It would go well with the BR barrel band that ive been procrastinating to install because of said roll pin haha

  6. Hey Terry, thanks for the mention. The Knight barrel band also fits the Big Horn. Exciting news about the Airacuda! It looks great 👍 Glad to hear you and the family are doing well.

  7. Thanks for all your work with all the things you make for us.
    Love the 1377 pin! You think they would have did that at the factory. The gun is very popular.

    1. Thank you Sir. I know right!

  8. Nice conversion kit, do you plan on making a similar conversion for the Umerex Gauntlet 2, I could bite on that.
    Kenneth Bye

    1. Thank you! I have had that request quite a bit and need to do that. I really need to get more familiar with my Gauntlet.

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