Benjamin Akela and Kratos Suppressor

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Benjamin Akela and Kratos Suppressor

  • 3d Printed in super tough Polycarbonate plastic in the US by a veteran-owned business.
  • 8 cone-shaped interior baffles reduce the report without impacting accuracy or muzzle velocity.
  • Honeycomb pattern on exterior provides grip for installation. Threads directly into shroud.
  • Replaces the first baffle in your stock shroud. Just remove cap and baffle and install.
  • FREE SHIPPING within the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS.

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This suppressor is designed exclusively for the Benjamin Akela. It has been reported to be compatible with the Kratos as well, but I haven’t tested it. It is compatible with .177/.22 Caliber. If you want to use this with a .25 Caliber you may need to drill it out slightly. It is 3d printed in black polycarbonate plastic in the US by a veteran-owned business. The threads are chased with a thread die for a nice consistent fit. It utilizes 8 cone-shaped baffles to reduce the report without affecting accuracy or muzzle velocity.

To install:

  • Remove the shroud cap.
  • Remove the first baffle inside the shroud.
  • Insert and align the suppressor.
  • Rotate clockwise until it is fully seated (Just tighten until snug. It doesn’t have to be very tight).


Additional information

Weight1.3 oz
Dimensions5.15 × 1.2 × 1.2 in

6 reviews for Benjamin Akela and Kratos Suppressor

  1. David Dierking (verified owner)

    Kral puncher breaker silent .22.
    Wow…this fit beautifully and looks great on the gun. And as for working…double wow. I’ve never tried a more expensive one, but this thing is great. I truly only hear the action of the gun and impact of the pellet. Don’t hesitate just buy it. The guys are also great and get back to you quickly with questions. A++ company and product!!!

  2. mike l.

    I shoulda waited. I paid $45.00 for the Donny adapter and $125.00 for a 0db moderator.

  3. Jack (verified owner)

    I got this along with the barrel support. Dropped DB 2full points! Perfect fit too!

  4. ponce Hill (verified owner)

    Very easy installation,nice and sleek design, and it does the job… p.s also very very affordable

  5. Timothy Centers (verified owner)

    Fits Kral Puncher/Breaker (not so) Silent!
    This is an easy way to make the Kral backyard friendly without a lot of work. Keeps things light.

  6. James Tresler (verified owner)

    Super easy to install. Works great. It may not look quite as cool as a DonnyFL (but it does look good). The least expensive DonnyFL, however, is seven (7) times the cost ($40 for the needed 1/2 x 20 adapter, and $99 for Tanto suppressor). Thanks again.

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