Diana Accessories Update

I had planned to put new product design on the back burner and focus more on the business side of Buck Rail in early 2022, but as soon as I started web-developing, spreadsheeting, and process planning I would get a new idea and then another… business fell by the wayside and I came up with another thingymajig and then another. We’re only 12 days in and I have already accepted defeat. I’m a designer first and a businessman second. Time will tell if that’s bad or good…

The Diana Chaser, Bandit, Airbug, and Stormrider have been a recurring theme in customer emails lately and for good reason. I’ve heard you and hope to deliver. I’ve added a Tri-Rail for the Chaser, Airbug, Bandit, etc. I’ve changed the dimensions slightly to provide a better fit and easier installation. Check those out here: Diana Barrel Band

I’ve bought a Stormrider, Airbug, and Bandit to confirm that it works well on those airguns as well and to see if I can come up with something for each of them. For starters, I’ve made a lot of progress on a replacement for the stock/grip on the Chaser, Bandit, and Airbug. I’ve designed and refined a part to convert the Diana Chaser, Airbug, and Bandit to an AR style grip:

So far, testing has been very promising. I’ve refined it a lot and am very close to releasing it. I’m also working on a forearm/tri-rail to accompany the new grip conversion:

Changing the stock allows you to access the hammer spring retention cap so that you can adapt an adjustable stock. I still have some work to do in order to make the buffer tube a tight fit. I’ll need to work with another manufacturer to make a steel or aluminum adapter for the buffer tube, but that should be pretty simple once I have the funds. Here’s a preview of the whole getup:

I’ve printed a bunch of the forearms and grip conversions. I’ve received all the hardware. I’ve ordered a bunch of Made in America grips. Once I receive all of those I will get the grip conversion and forearms listed at a great price. The adjustable stock conversion will come later!

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


29 thoughts on “Diana Accessories Update

  1. hello, when will the stock for the conversion of the pistol to the rifle be available? thank you

    1. Carmine. The stocks are available without buttstocks or with the minimalist buttstocks. I should have the standard buttstocks in stock by Monday! Thank you.

    2. Hello, hopefully early next week! The last batch I got had faulty plunger pin latches, so I had to get the manufacturer to make it right.

  2. As soon as you have availability put me down for two sets (Forearm & grip ), and one adj. stock.

  3. Sweet! Already tricked out my 2240XL – now I can dress up my Chaser! Thanks for the update – can’t waiit!

  4. I like what I see. Good move!
    You are going to have to get a catalog of parts made up so we can keep up on what all you sell.

    1. Very true. It’s getting hard to find stuff. That’s one of those business things that I’ve been putting off. Must… design… one… more… part…. lol

      1. Keep at it. Remember how you eat an elephant….. One bite at a time.

        1. Thank you for that reminder. I asked my daughter once, “How do you eat an elephant?” She responded, “With a fork!?”

          For now, I’ve added a product search bar at the top of the shop page and categorized everything so that MOSTLY relevant search results appear. That should make it a little easier if you know what you’re looking for or what airgun you’re shopping for.

          Thank you for bringing that to my attention!

  5. I am excited about this.

  6. I hope you can make a barrel band with picatny rain on bottom for the Beeman 2027 also.

    1. Looks like that would be easy enough. I’ll look into it!

  7. I put a Chaser stock on my Bandit and it fits my hand better. What I really want to do is turn it into a mini carbine. Your plans and mine synced perfectly.

    Have you seen the new C362? It seems to be selling like hotcakes. Several of your crosman accessories should work with it, but there could be some new opportunities there too.

    1. Happy to hear that! Thanks for mentioning the C362. I’ll check it out!

  8. Excellent! This will be awesome on my Bandit.

    1. That’s what got me started on this. I’m not a big fan of the bulky Bandit or Airbug grips. The nice thing about wood though is that you can easily cut, file, sand and refinish it. Not so with the funky Polymer chaser grips. It’ll be cool to see what all folks will do with this.

  9. Put me on the list for the grip conversion! I love my Chaser, but the wonky factory pistol grip – not so much.

    1. Thank you! Agreed.

  10. I’ve been hoping!……and now it’s coming! Lookin’ 4ward 2 it!!!

    1. Thank you! Me too. Sorry for the wait!

  11. Right on Terry!

    1. Thank you thank you.

  12. This is fantastic news! Especially since Chaser stocks are currently unobtainable.

    1. Good point. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to get the parts I need!

  13. Wow, oh wow! That’s all I can say! Take my money!

    1. Haha. Thank you Sir. That’s the plan!

  14. where can i purchase this baby!!!! and what’s the FPS?

    1. Lamar, these are Diana Chaser Pistols that have been modified with some accessories I’m working on. They are not available yet, but I’m working on it. The Chaser Pistol reportedly gets 460fps (.22) and 525fps (.177). Those can be purchased at most of the big name online airgun retailers.

  15. Can’t wait !

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