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Beeman QB78 Accessories

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to make a suppressor for the Beeman QB78, 1085, and Chief II. I have a QB78 and noticed it’s very close to the 880 dimensionally so I worked something up and it worked out great. While I was at it I figured I should make an accessory mount as well. The suppressor should work for the QB78, 78S, 79, and 1085, but not the Chief II or other Beemans. The accessory mount will only work with the QB78 with wood stock as far as I can tell.

The suppressor adapter is much like our 880 suppressor and utilizes the same thread cap and suppressor as the 13XX, 1077, etc.

Check the suppressor out here:

Check the accessory mount out here:

2 thoughts on “Beeman QB78 Accessories

  1. I like it even though I don’t own any of those guns. I do have a Beeman 1357 bullpup and wish somebody made a cheek riser for it (hint hint)

  2. Very nice! That’s on my list.
    Any chance you could make one for the Umerex Morph?

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