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AirForce TalonP Suppressor

The Airforce TalonP suppressor is finally here. It is 3d printed in ABS. It’s a direct fit and does not require any adapter or hardware. It just replaces the stock shroud cap. It comes in either .177/.22 or .25 caliber. It’s a pretty straight-forward design. We’ve used this one more than any other suppressor before it’s release. My eldest son likes shooting big pellets at 3d printed targets so this .25 caliber airgun and suppressor has gotten a LOT of use. View the cross-section below:

You can see that there is an O-ring groove for installing the stock O-ring if you choose. I didn’t notice any difference with the O-ring installed, but it didn’t hurt to include this feature. Check out the listing here: TalonP Suppressor

The Pistol Grip and Forearm pictured above are also for sale. You can view those here: AirForce Grip and Forearm

The buttstock is not for sale. It needs a little love before I would feel good about selling it. It’s on my growing list…

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


2 thoughts on “AirForce TalonP Suppressor

  1. What’s this about 13xx grips?

    1. They’re in the works. I did a LOT of iterations and eventually settled on a pretty plain design. My whole family agreed that they were the most comfortable. It’ll be a bit before I have them listed, so I’ll go ahead and send you a set. Let me know what you think!

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