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Crosman SBR, R1, AK1, A4-P Suppressor

Crosman SBR, R1, AK1, A4-P Suppressor

This will be a big week for new product drops from Buck-Rail. Our latest suppressor is an M14 X 1.00 Left Hand thread that was designed with some of the Crosman full-auto airguns in mind. It is 3D printed in Polycarbonate plastic and the threads are hand-tapped. Unlike our Chaser suppressor and 1/2 UNF suppressor there will be no stainless helical inserts. Check that out here:

Also, I’ve relisted the M4-177 Suppressor kit with some improvements. I’ve changed the slot geometry to allow for accessories with square cross-bars and added a few more slots for greater mounting flexibility. I’ve also improved the print quality (that one guy really didn’t approve).

I’ve made this same change to the slot geometry on the Dr. Murfee mounts, Crosman mounts, and Chaser Barrel Bands. I’ll get the pictures updated soon. This week I will try hard to get the following items listed:

  • Umarex Gauntlet Suppressor in .177/.22 and .25 caliber
  • Air Venturi Avenger Suppressor in .177/.22 and .25 caliber
  • AirForce TalonP Suppressor in .177/.22 and .25 caliber
  • Benjamin Sheridan Picatinny/Dovetail combination mounts

What’s in the works? Too much to list. The hot items right now are grips for the Crosman 2240, 13XX, Marauder, etc. and a forearm for the 2240. I’ve completed the forearm design, but I need to test and source hardware for the installation. I’ve made a lot of grips, but I’m just not pleased with any of them. I’ll post on these when they’re done done!

I love my new vocation, I appreciate your support and encouragement, and I’m working hard to keep this thang moving!

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


8 thoughts on “Crosman SBR, R1, AK1, A4-P Suppressor

  1. Do you have plans to make a moderator for the new Beeman 1358

  2. Keep up with making fantastic products. Happy Holidays, Terry!

  3. Terry, i’ve been sending people your way!. I mention you and Buck Rail in my airgun videos on youtube and your name is growing up in the air gunning channels on FB and youtube!! You’ve been good to me and I appreciate what you do!!.. Thanks!! G.Whitfield

    1. Thank you for the support. I’m not yet in tune with the social platforms and forums, so I’m surprised, humbled, and happy to hear that!

  4. Looks awesome, but I’m holding out for the Bandit stock. I go through enough BBs without owning a sprayer. ?

    1. Diana stocks and grips will be my next design goal. I know it’s going to take me some time so I keep going for the low hanging fruit. After I get the Crosman parts done I will attack the Diana parts.

  5. Every email update ends with me pressing “place order”. You keep surprising and impressing me with all these goodies.

    1. Thank you Sir! May it always be so!

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