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Umarex Gauntlet Suppressor

Sorry to blow up your mailbox. I’ve been busy. I’ll probably be radio silent for a bit closer to Christmas, through the New Year, and a while after that while I focus on the manufacturing side of things more than the design side. Anyway, I digress.

The Umarex Gauntlet suppressor is here. It’s printed in Polycarbonate, replaces the baffle clamshell thingamajiggy, and threads directly into the shroud. It works great, looks cool, and is cheap. What more could you ask for? Don’t answer that.

Here’s the cross-section for this one:

Check that out here: Umarex Gauntlet Suppressor

And for those who are still readin’. The ATF approved my Form 1 so that I can 3d print one silencer for my Hammerli TAC R1 rimfire .22. That is on the printer as I type this. I’d to make an interesting video on that early next year. Stay tuned.

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


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