Hawkeye Reflex Sights Back in Stock!

Hawkeye Reflex Sights Back in Stock!

Okay y’all. You spoke and we listened. The Hawkeye reflex sights are back. We only have 100. 70 Picatinny and 30 Dovetails. We probably will not be able to get another batch in time for Christmas, so if you plan on getting one from us you’ll need to get it ASAP. You can check out the Hawkeye and bundled deals below:

I have BIG news coming soon. Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Hawkeye Reflex Sights Back in Stock!

  1. I would like to know if suppressor/silencer will be made available for the Crosman 1377 pellet pistol again?

    1. Yes Sir! They were just updated before you commented. I have 100 in stock as of today.

      1. Well… 99 ish.

        1. Heh, 91 as of 9:50 central. That escalated quickly.

    2. Hey Ronald! The 1377 suppressors appear to be in stock currently: https://buck-rail.com/product/crosman-13xx-silencer-kit/

  2. Woohoo! Order made! Thanks Terry! Now I’ve got one of everything I have a gun for. So excited.

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