The Hawkeye Reflex Sight

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The Hawkeye Reflex Sight

  • Wide field-of-view for quick and easy target aquisition
  • Makes it WAY easier for the youngest shooters to start shooting
  • 4 reticule settings(single dot, dot w/circle, crosshair w/dot, and crosshair w/dot & circle)
  • Selector knob for Red or Green color reticule with 5 brightness settings
  • Choose your mounting style 3/8″ dovetail or 21mm Picatinny/Weaver rail
  • Incredible quality for the price with 3 month free return warranty
  • FREE SHIPPING within the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS


When it comes to ease of use, these Reflex Sights are king. The Hawkeye Red/Green Dot Sight features a wide FOV(field-of-view) for easy target aquisition. After getting it sighted in with the elevation and windage adjustment its so simple to use.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Put the dot on the target.
  2. Keep it there as you slowly squeeze the trigger.

It’s that simple! This is the easiest way to teach kids how to shoot a gun and keep them coming back. It is very lightweight and low-profile and is the BEST option for a small BB gun optic or handgun. The Hawkeye features two selector knobs. One is for turning on/off, selecting the color, and brightness of the reticule. The other is for selecting the reticule pattern. I prefer the single dot, but I’ve found that kids really like the crosshairs.

This purchase includes:

  • The Hawkeye Reflex Sight
  • CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • Lens Cover
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Allen Wrenches for sighting in and installation
  • 3 Month Money-Back Guarantee

All packaged very nicely and securely like this:Red/Green Dot Sight Packaging

Additional information

Weight7.2 oz
Dimensions4.625 × 3.625 × 2 in
Mounting Option

3/8" Dovetail, 21mm Picatinny/Weaver

17 reviews for The Hawkeye Reflex Sight

  1. Juan Davis (verified owner)

    Awesome, awesome!! I snag this puppy for my AR conversion Diana Bandit and this was a 1st time experience for me>>> After mounting it with intentions to zero it.., 1st 3 shots dead center, no adjustment needed!! Yep, was blown away with this one!! The AR conversion kit for the Diana Bandit is also kick azz!! A happy repeating customer. Now I have others that want a Diana Bandit, just to trick it out with the AR conversion! hehehe.

  2. Keith Caldicott (verified owner)

    Ordered on Sunday arrived on Wednesday, no extra charge for fast shipping, outstanding. Feels like a quality item, all metal and feels solid, crystal clear optics and choice of colours and sight reticles. $28 all in, what’s not to like ? Knocks my previous optic to bits, a $14 plastic Gamo WM special… Not the first time I’ve used Buck Rail, previously got the barrel band, bipod and moderator for my Chaser and once again, very impressed.

  3. Alan Eisenberg (verified owner)

    Put this little beauty on my new XL. It took approx. 30 seconds to mount, I’m a tad slow. Zeroed it and fun. I have never used aa reflex until now. This is super for plinking and fast target acquisition. It’s well made and easy to use. Thank you Terry !

  4. Peter

    Installed on 2240 Crossman, its great sight, ez to set up and use, accurate sighting for great prics

  5. Chris Brown (verified owner)

    Picked up one of these for my Daisy 901. The reticle settings are nice and bright. Sighting in is straight forward and easy. Looks good and at a great price. Very pleased.

  6. Andy Robertson (verified owner)

    Feels like it’s right out of Call of Duty or Battlefield.

    Absolutely hilarious and surprisingly functional!

  7. Atyus (verified owner)

    I received your Hawkeye Reflex Sight and could not believe the quality at that price.
    This Sight has the quality of a sight 3x’s it’s price.
    I’m amazed and grateful.
    I am purchasing two more.
    Get ready Terry, you’re about to Blow Up. You may have to relocate. At least your cars will have they’re space back in the garage.:)

  8. Ilija Gruenwald (verified owner)

    Love this sight! Well worth the money! Holds tight and easy to zero on my custom 2240. Will be buying another for my Diana Bandit for sure! Terry is awesome to deal with, keep up the great work! A+++++++

  9. Michael Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    This thing is flippen awesome, would be nice if it have an on/off indicator but I’m not complaining, site in was simple and easy, thanks terry you hit the mark again

  10. Orod

    Extremely satisfied with purchase. The silencer and red dot makes it easy for my grandson to practice shooting in our backyard without disturbing the neighbors. Can’t beat this, highly recommended.

  11. Robert Verhaeghe (verified owner)

    Quality sight. at a good price. Fast shipping.
    Buy 1 or 2

  12. dave

    I just got my red dot hawkeye bundel the first thing i see made in china i though why would a family owned co sell junk from china is there not a mfg in u.s.a. to get this sight from so i opened the box and looked for how to set up and use it on my 2240 air pistol not a thing to show how to mount or use it no directions nothing i would not order from this co. any more

    • Terry

      Dave, first of all, take a deep breath buddy. It’s gonna be okay. I’ve given you your money back.

      There’s an instructional video on the product page and the cheesy Chinese instructions that come with the red dot sometimes gets stuck in the box lid. Turn the box lid over and check it out. They’ll be there.

      This IS a family business. I make 90% of our products in my garage. We have airgun parts stored in our bedroom. My wife does the shipping, my kids do the assembling. Doesn’t get more family-business like than that.

      You’ll love the red dot and mounts. Just give them a chance. You’ll be a changed man…

  13. Carl (verified owner)

    The quality of the red dot sight was much higher than expected. The lens is very clear and projects a nice dot that was very easy to sight in. I installed this onto a Diana Chaser pistol and it greatly increased my accuracy. the wife never saw it coming……just kidding.

    great product very pleased with purchase.

  14. Mike H (verified owner)

    Ordered a couple of these for a 2240xl and 2300s crosman, Very nice compact, lite,easy to site in. Great price point, Fast Shipping great people to work with.

  15. Ted Moran

    Have bought The Hawkeye Reflex Sight, Crosman 2240 Silencer & Crosman 2240 Dr. Murfree Mount. All good. Fast shipping. Great company. A+++++

  16. Kirk Dominique

    I bought this as a combo deal( red dot w/ scope mounts ) for my Crossman 1377. You really can’t beat this for the money. Didn’t take long to dial in and it’s doing what it should. Maybe the silencer will be next to get.

  17. LeeS

    Perfect for the price. I couldn’t bring myself to spend more for a scope than what I paid for a Crosman 1377 so I took a gamble on this and the necessary Buck Rail mounting brackets. After getting it zeroed in, I’m finally accurate at 25 yards. Couldn’t be more impressed; just sorry I overlooked the 1377 silencer somehow!

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