The Hawkeye Reflex Sight

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The Hawkeye Reflex Sight

  • Wide field-of-view for quick and easy target aquisition
  • Makes it WAY easier for the youngest shooters to start shooting
  • 4 reticule settings(single dot, dot w/circle, crosshair w/dot, and crosshair w/dot & circle)
  • Selector knob for Red or Green color reticule with 5 brightness settings
  • Mounts on a standard 20mm Picatinny/Weaver rail
  • Incredible quality for the price with 3 month free return warranty
  • Free and Fast shipping to anywhere in the US

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We’ve had a lot of positive feedback for Scope Mounts and Red Dots and now it’s time for an upgrade! When it comes to ease of use, these Reflex Sights are king. The Hawkeye Red/Green Dot Sight features a wider FOV(field-of-view) for easy target aquisition. After getting it sighted in with the elevation and windage adjustment its so simple to use.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Put the dot on the target.
  2. Keep it there as you slowly squeeze the trigger.

It’s that simple! This is the easiest way to teach kids how to shoot a gun and keep them coming back. It is very lightweight and low-profile and is the BEST option for a small BB gun optic. The Hawkeye features two selector knobs. One is for turning on/off, selecting the color, and brightness of the reticule. The other is for selecting the reticule pattern. I prefer the single dot, but I’ve found that kids really like the crosshairs.

This purchase includes:

  • The Hawkeye Reflex Sight
  • CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • Lens Cover
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Allen Wrenches for sighting in and installation
  • 3 Month Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free 3d printing Target

All packaged very nicely and securely like this:Red/Green Dot Sight Packaging

Additional information

Weight7.2 oz
Dimensions4.625 × 3.625 × 2 in

1 review for The Hawkeye Reflex Sight

  1. LeeS

    Perfect for the price. I couldn’t bring myself to spend more for a scope than what I paid for a Crosman 1377 so I took a gamble on this and the necessary Buck Rail mounting brackets. After getting it zeroed in, I’m finally accurate at 25 yards. Couldn’t be more impressed; just sorry I overlooked the 1377 silencer somehow!

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