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1377/1322 Suppressors Back in Stock!

1377/1322 Suppressors Back in Stock!

Crosman 1322/1377 with threaded adapter and silencer mounted

We have 100 more Crosman 1377/1322 Suppressors in stock. They’ve been selling great and the feedback has been very positive. I have incorporated recommendations from various customers that are win win I think. They are now bead blasted for a smoother texture, the front sight post is now 1/8″ higher, and the threads are chased with a thread die for greater consistency.

3 thoughts on “1377/1322 Suppressors Back in Stock!

  1. I could not be happier with my suppressor. Not to mention the great customer service

  2. I love mine, I have one with the shorter sight but I bought the Red Dot package (which is also great) so I don’t need a tall sight.

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