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Daisy Powerline 408 Silencer Installation and Test


In this video I show some quick details about the Daisy Powerline 408 Silencer, how it is installed, and do a firing test. It’s fairly brief and to the point. This is only a prototype and not what the final product will look like. Just a sort of progress report I guess… Thanks for watchin’

3 thoughts on “Daisy Powerline 408 Silencer Installation and Test

  1. Thanx for the reply Terry I know your busy.
    The 408 is a great little pistol and could use a bit of moderating. I do understand your quandary and will lay in the weeds awaiting your decision to do or not to do.
    All the best,

  2. I would order one in a heartbeat. Availability?

    1. Unfortunately, this one didn’t work out. It was very difficult to get them to print just right to seal up. If anything was off the slightest bit it would decrease muzzle velocity and a lot of air would escape from the breech area. I would end up throwing out most of them. I may revisit this one, though. I’ve learned so much since then.

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