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Daisy Powerline 426 Silencer

Daisy Powerline 426 Silencer

Making the Daisy Powerline 426 Silencer

I’ve had a few requests for a silencer for the Daisy Powerline 426. It’s been a lot of work, but I’ve finally got something that will work without making alterations to the gun itself.

The biggest challenge to overcome is that it needed to somehow mount on the gun without damaging it. The Powerline 415 Silencer presses into the plastic barrel shroud, but there is too little space to do that in the 426. My first idea was to make little nubs that clutch the outside of the shroud. See below.

The first attempt at a gripping adapter

The adpater DID grip the gun, but it wasn’t secure enough. The next idea was to use the under barrel accessory rail along with the gripping nubs.

The first try at a 426 Silencer

The silencer worked and looked really cool and sleek, but I knew a lot of people would be disappointed that they couldn’t mount a laser as well. The next idea was to use the under-barrel accessory rail, and use the silencer as a base for a laser instead.

The finished Silencer Installed on the Daisy Powerline 426

This silencer has been updated quite a bit since this post. You can download the latest 3d print file HERE

Thanks for lookin’!

4 thoughts on “Daisy Powerline 426 Silencer

  1. i like it very much

  2. I am very much interested in this product. Whenever this item becomes available for sale, I would like to order 2 of these silencers. Please let me know when they are available for sale. Thanks

  3. Hi. When is this going to be available for sale again? Thank you. This is awesome!

  4. Bravo Terry, you did it again. That what i was hoping for, i own a Daisy 426 and are very much interested. How effective is it killing the muzzle blast? So next month i have to look into it to order one, when you got them up for sale.

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