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New Products, Back in Stock, and Other News 11/3/23

Just a quick update on some new products I just added, items back in stock, and products coming down the line from Buck Rail.

Upgraded Stock Adapters

I told y’all a while back about the new stock adapters I was working on for the Crosman 1377/1322 and 2240 and the Diana Chaser, Airbug, and Bandit. They add the capability of mounting an aluminum MILSPEC AR Extension Tube and the UTG Side Folder. The Crosman adapters work with the OEM airgun. The Diana adapter only works with our tactical conversion kits. I finally have the finished product in hand, but in limited quantities. Check them out here:

Crosman 13XX Adapter
Cosman 2240 Adapter
Diana Adapter

Back in Stock

Thanks for all the encouragement regarding my last blog post. It was unexpected and much appreciated. We’re starting to settle in a bit and I’m playing catch up trying to get things back in stock. I just put more of the following in stock:

UX Notos Grip Adapters
Beeman Underlever UNI Adapters
Cosman 1377/1322 UNI Adapters

Back in stock soon:
– Magpul Black MOE Buttstocks
– 1/2-20 UNF Crosman Adapters
– 2240 Stock Tubes and Adapters
– Beeman Marshall Carbines (within 2 weeks)

UNF suppressors are selling faster than I can manufacture them. More trickle in everyday. If you sign up to be notified when they are back in stock, get a notification, go to order, and find they are out of stock still it’s because they were only back in stock for a short time before they were sold out again. This system is automated so you’ll just need to sign up again. I’m working on it, y’all. Thank you for your patience.


The following items are in hand and will be listed very soon:
– New Diana Stormrider Grip Adapters
– P-Rod Tactical Kits (Only 20 Trigger Assemblies from Crosman)
– Beeman Buckends (Very limited quantities as I convert Marshalls)

I just got the new UX Origin prototype today. I’ll post pics of it installed soon.

Thank you for your business, the opportunity to serve you, and thank you for your support. We’ll keep working hard to earn it!


Terry Harman

5 thoughts on “New Products, Back in Stock, and Other News 11/3/23

  1. What will be the price for the origin tactical kit? I am very excited about it but I am on hospice so hopefully it will be out soon and not expensive that I can afford it.

  2. Hi tarry I am still praying for your dad .how is he doing ?

    1. Thank you very much George. It’s much appreciated. He’s not doing well, health-wise, but he’s content in our home surrounded by lots of grandkids.

      The Lord has given us all much comfort on the matter and lots of joy even in the midst of adversity.

  3. Your doing wonderful things for the hobby , keep it up !

    1. Thank you kindly! That’s the plan!

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