Diana Chaser, Airbug, and Bandit Stock Adapter


Diana Chaser, Airbug, Bandit Stock Tube Adapter

  • Two-piece design. Aluminum adapter and Fused Nylon Coupler
  • Nylon coupler threaded (1-3/16 x 16) to accept AR Extension Tubes
  • Compatible with the UTG Aluminum Side Folder
  • Keeps the stock tube and adapter out of the grip zone
  • Compatible with Chaser, Airbug, Bandits with BR Conversion Kits installed
  • Free Shipping within the USA. Ships same or next business day via USPS

This adapter allows for mounting an AR extension tube and side folder to a Diana Chaser, Airbug, or Bandit with a Buck Rail Conversion kit installed. The unique, two-piece design ensures a snug fit as it clamps down to take up any slack between the Nylon coupler and the air tube. This ensures a snug fit regardless of variance from airgun to airgun. This kit only includes the adapter. You’ll need to buy the following parts separately if you don’t already have them:
AR Extension Tube
Castle Nut
Magpul MOE Buttstock
UTG Side Folder

If you’re going to use the side folder it is not necessary to add the castle nut. If you are going with the adjustable stock only you will need the castle nut to lock in the tube.

The LOP for each configuration is as follows:
AR15 Tube with MOE Buttstock – 11.75 to 14.5 inches
AR308 Tube with MOE Buttstock – 12.5 to 15.25 inches
UTG Side Folder, AR15 Tube, & MOE Buttstock – 13.75 to 17 inches

No instruction are included with these items. To install the adapter you will need to remove the OEM hammer spring cap (Tube Plug) and replace it with the aluminum adapter from Buck Rail. The pin included in the kit should be inserted into the hammer spring. If you are installing this on a Bandit or Airbug this pin will replace the OEM pin. Once you’ve done that and snugged everything up you can attach the Nylon stock coupler to the adapter and install the screw. Now you’re ready to thread in a stock tube, side folder, etc. I do intend on posting a video of the process soon. If you’re not comfortable with these written instructions please wait until I have a proper video posted before purchasing.

Please Note: This adapter will make it so that you cannot use the OEM iron sights. You will need to mount an optic.

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Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in


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