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Benjamin P-Rod Side Folders Are Here

Benjamin P-Rod Side Folders Are Here

I’ve just listed the Rear Pic Rails for the Benjamin Marauder Pistol. It’s just a pic rail and a screw, nothing special, but it hasn’t been done as far as I know. Since I don’t have to have a metal adapter machined the price is low as well. You can now easily and cheaply mount a side folding stock on the Benjamin Marauder Pistol with this adapter and the Poor Man’s Side folder (or another 1913 Picatinny Side Folder). Here’s a look at the P-Rod with the Side Folder Installed and closed:

Check out the product listing here:

I should have the Crosman ICON kits listed by the end of the week! Happy Labor Day y’all!


2 thoughts on “Benjamin P-Rod Side Folders Are Here

  1. I’ve ordered all of your P-rod accessories to date and have been extremely pleased. Just pulled the trigger on this side-folder with the traditional buttstock and I’m stoked…will follow-up with a quick review when received & installed…

  2. Hi Looks great I’m after the pull out shoulder rest rather than a slide folder. Like a MP5
    Best Regards
    Paul Morrey

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