Benjamin Marauder Pistol Side Folder

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Benjamin P-Rod Side Folder

This side folder was designed to fill a void in the market. It works, looks good, locks open/closed, optionally AR buttstock compatible, and most importantly it’s affordable! Mount it on the Benjamin Marauder Pistol with our Rear Facing Pic Rail. Depending on the optic you mount you may need a riser or high scope rings. The adjustable side folder will give you a length-of-pull from

IMPORTANT: If you want this to fold to the left, as pictured, you will need the Right Hand Folder. I know it’s confusing, but trust me. You will order it with the Right Side Folder (default) and turn the folding mechanism upside down before installation. Now it’s a left folder and the hinge pin will not be digging into your hand. The default side folder in this bundle is the correct one for folks who want it to fold to the left.

To Install the pic rail:
Just insert the included screw through the pic rail and use a 3/16″ Allen Key to thread the screw into the rear of the stock airgun. Align the pic rail vertically before fully tightening. Take note of the orientation of the rear pic adapter in the close up picture above. If it interferes with the bolt it was installed upside down.

Please check out the video below before purchasing:

It is 3d printed plastic. It can break, but we stand behind our products. If you have any issues don’t hesitate to reach out and we will make it right.

Benjamin Marauder Pistol Rear Facing Picatinny

  • 3d Printed from ABS plastic in the USA by a veteran-owned business
  • Adds a modified rear-facing picatinny rail to the Benjamin P-Rod
  • Mount a picatinny-clamping side folding stock on the P-Rod
  • Easy installation. Just use included screw to attach to the airgun
  • FREE SHIPPING within USA. Ships same or next business day via USPS
$16.00 each

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The Poor Man's Side Folder

  • 3d printed from ABS plastic in the US by a veteran-owned business.
  • Clamps to any rear facing pic rail like what is found on the Hatsan Sortie.
  • Spring locking. Locks open and closed. Can be configured to fold left or right on the Sortie.
  • Steel bolt reinforced buffer tube and steel black oxide coated hinge pin.
  • Choose from fixed buttstock or buffer tube with/without adjustable buttstock.
  • FREE Shipping within the USA. Ships same or next business day via USPS.
Right Hand Fold

Additional information

Weight.6 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1 × 1 in

Folding Option

Right Hand Fold


Fixed Buttstock, With Minimalist Buttstock, With Standard Buttstock, Stock Tube Only


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