Crosman ICON Tactical Conversion Kits

New Product Release

Just a quick update. The Crosman ICON Tactical Conversion Kits are now listed. I promised they’d be up by the end of the week. They are up, but probably won’t stay in stock for long. That’s because I only have 4 complete sets in stock. I have more printing and will have them put together and back in stock quickly.

The ICON Barrel Bands will be released sometime next week. After that I’m going to take a little break from designing for a bit. Orders will still be fulfilled and customer service will still be open. I’ll just take a step back and be quiet for at least a couple of weeks before I get back to cranking out new products.

Thank you for your business, thank you for your support, and thank you for the opportunity to serve you!


7 thoughts on “Crosman ICON Tactical Conversion Kits

  1. Been loving your products. Just throwing this out, but a tacticool stock option with an option for mounting optics on a Benjamin 392 would be cool 😎

  2. Will you make a tactical conversion kit for the Benjamin marauder Gen ll?

    1. I’m ashamed to say I don’t own a Marauder Rifle. But I should. I will get one and see what I can do. It’ll be a while.

  3. Love my Suppressor. I have it on my Sig Virtus PCP, noise is cut in half 👍 very pleased, and it looks awesome too. I am excited to see what else you design, I’m going to get a Diana Stormrider now, just so I can get your complete kit for it. I absolutely love the look, keep it up man, you’re doing wonderful work.

  4. Hi, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your 1/2-20 Moderator. Have it on a Hatsan Bully .30 and have been comparing it to the Donnyfl Fatboy. Noise reduction is almost the same, it’s the accuracy difference with the Buck-Rail that outshines the Fatboy shamefully. Look at the price difference. I hope you can develop moderators for the .357/9mm and .45/.50 big bores. Specifically I need something in a 18x1mm for a 9mm Gamo TC35. I am on your email list so I will look for any new developments.
    Thanks again. Stan M.

  5. Awesome products.A well deserved break.

  6. Thanks for the updates, you are always coming out with something to enhance and or improve the form and function of air rifles. I’ve used a few of your parts already and been very happy with results, happy plinking Kayakangel on YouTube

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