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New Products, Promo, and Updates

New Products, Promo, and Updates

Hey there folks. A lot going on at Buck Rail lately. Here’s the highlight reel…

Air Venturi Avenger

Avenger Barrel Bands are out and I’m giving a few away. Use code FIRST20 at checkout to get one for free. Only the first 20 customers can use it. Limit one per customer. Check those out here: Avenger Barrel Band. Let me know what y’all think!

Benjamin Akela

Akela/Kratos suppressors are back in stock. I’ve increased the outside diameter some and tightened up the baffle inner diameter. Also, I’ve added a scope rail support for the Akela. This has been a common request from customers and it worked out nicely. Check that out here: Akela Scope Rail Support


We stopped shipping to Canada a while back. Canadian customs kept holding packages for “closer inspection” and it became impractical for our small business to absorb that. Wes at will be selling our Diana AR Conversion Kits within Canada. Wes is a great guy to do business with. I’ve bought quite a few things from him myself and it was all top notch with great service to boot. If you’d like to see any of our other products (sorry, no suppressors) available in Canada reach out to Wes and let him know!

Beeman 2027 Work In Progress

I’m working on a tactical conversion for the Beeman 2027. This PCP pistol is a lot of fun, feature rich, and solid for the price. The stock is purdy, but a bit clunky and… well… YUGE. Seriously, you have no idea how big this thing is from the pictures.

There’s a lot of work to be done, yet. But I am super excited about what I have so far. The grip and rail are done, but I have a lot more work to do on the stock. I need to make the side folder mechanism (it will fold to the right), add an adjustable stock, and figure out how to keep the price low. Check out the progress:

As you can see, when you close the side folder it dims the lights….

If I work up a reasonably priced and effective side folder I will make an adapter for the 13XX, 2240, and Dianas as well. Please be patient with me while I work out the details. I don’t have a release date, but will announce it here when that day comes.

Sig MCX and MPX

I made suppressors for the MCX and MPX, but they don’t work worth a dang. I would be embarrassed to sell them. That’s all I got on that…

Umarex Gauntlet

Another customer request has been to make the Gauntlet suppressor constrain the barrel. I’m about done with that and will have those available sometime soon. I plan on working up a few Gauntlet Barrel bands as well.


In our early days, my kids would draw pictures on “thank you” notes for every customer. I’m sure many of you remember this. That was back when we sold three products and this business was only an experiment and homeschool lesson for my two oldest kiddos. On the flipside, many of you have sent pictures to me. I’ve gotten pictures of dad’s shooting with their kids, tricked out airguns, I even got a picture of a Mandalorian Red Ryder conversion that included some of our parts. I’ve also received pictures, as evidence, of my failures as a designer, 3d printer, and a human in general (i.e. malignent mounts, repugnant rails, slanted suppressors, etc.). Sometimes pictures say it better than words. I’ve added an option to attach pictures to your reviews and plan on making it easier for you to share your pictures on the website. Stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, if you feel so inclined, leave a review with a picture!

I have a mile long list of suggestions and I’m chipping away day by day. We’re working hard to be worthy of your business! Thank you for your patronage and for the opportunity to serve you!


17 thoughts on “New Products, Promo, and Updates

  1. How can I get replacement parts for the poor mans folder? The picatinny clamp cracked in half.

    1. By contacting customer service. The contact info is on our contact page accessed through the website menu. Shoot Chris an email at and he’ll get you a replacement.

  2. It would be cool if you could create 1/2-20 barrel adapters for different size muzzles to work with the 1/2-20 supressor.

    1. Agreed. We do have one for the Crosman 2240, 760, and 362 but I definitely need to add some more to the lineup.

  3. I have had nothing but great service form Buck Rail. Quick response on e-mail and phone. and outstanding shipping on orders. The only problem I’ve had is USPS drops the ball occasionally. Thanks Guys I’m a big fan and happy customer!!

  4. Love your products! My Diana Bandit is a carbine now!!

  5. I have tried to contact you forever about products you sell. I am not about to do business with people that can’t be reached.

    1. Hey there Tony. I can assure you that we are real people, though we be very few. I don’t see any emails matching yours. If you’re calling, are you sure you have the right number? We recently changed it after I started to receive more phone calls than I could practically answer. The latest number can be found here: Contact Page

      However, please only call Chris between the hours of 8-5pm Central Monday-Friday. He’s also a real person and one of the good ones, in the great United States of America, with a family. If he misses your call, leave a voicemail so he can be prepared before calling you back. He’s new to airgunning and may not have the answers, but will get them for you. So far, I’ve only heard good things from customers about the job he’s doing.

      Don’t give up on us! We’re a work in progress and improving every day!


  6. Terry we need a barrel band for the AEA standard big bore line of rifles. I have a 35 cal that would gladly
    Buy from you. I can send you measurements. There is a. Large demand for them. Also I’m have a hard time
    In getting payment on order threw Google accont. Please let me know.I tried to order the avenger barrel band
    With out any luck.

    1. Jimmy, I agree! It’s on my list. I currently have one on my AEA HP SS Max, but it needs some work before I’d feel good about selling it. Stay tuned for that.

      In regards to the checkout issue, a lot of people were trying to checkout with the barrel band in their cart at once. It kept showing up as out of stock even though we had not yet sold out. It may be working now that things have slowed a little. Sorry for the troubles. I was not expecting that much of a response! Let me know if the issue continues and I’ll see if I can click some buttons and unbreak it.

  7. I love the idea of a picture with the reviews!

  8. You are awesome along with your products. Such a great shot in the arm for us that love your products.

    1. Your business will double in the next three years. Plan accordingly. 🙂

  9. Buck Rail! All I can say is that I have bought a lot of Ur products and I am very satisfied, they work as advertised.

  10. Terry, Ordered the front grip for the 2240xl, and the 1/2 20 moderator. Nicely done, and, after watching the videos on the fore grip, was easy to install. AND it didn’t break the bank, like other folks products! Keep it going…….

  11. I’m sending in payment tomorrow for the Akela rail support and the Avenger band.
    You better buy a new printer for when the side folders are available and hire more people!

  12. I’ll take the first 2240 side folder for my spare XL . Please advise of cost. I’ll take it to John to review as he lives a couple miles away.

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