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Coming Soon: Price Increases

Starting Friday, July 1st, we’ll be raising prices on many of our items.

I don’t take this lightly, so let me give you a lengthy explanation. This business started as a lesson for my kids. At the time, I was a full-time welder in the Oil and Gas industry and a hobbyist designer and 3d printer. After developing the Little Buck Rail for my daughter to use a Red Dot on the Daisy Buck I thought other folks may want one too and started a little business that would be operated mostly by them. My eldest son would 3d print Little Buck Rails, and him and little sister would write thank you notes with hand drawn pictures. Mom would ship and they’d make a few bucks here and there.

Confession time: Not intending to do anything more than the Little Buck Rail, I wanted to name the website “”. Unfortunately, that domain name was taken by a news company in Jackson, Wyoming. So I made the brilliant decision to add a hyphen between buck and rail. I guess that’s better than “” (I just looked it up. That’s a real domain…) Can you even look up websites in alphabetical order?…

Anyway, we’re coming up on three years in business. Much to my amazement, and the amazement of friends and family, we’ve grown way beyond a business lesson or side-gig (I left full-time employment in the Aerospace industry in November 2021) and will likely grow beyond a home-based business soon.

If you look carefully, you can see when I got burned out, took vacation, considered closing down, then quit my job and went for it.

Our product line has expanded rapidly and we’re only just getting started. There is way more demand for this stuff than I imagined and will work hard to be the one that provides it. We now keep almost 40 3d printers running 24/7 and barely keep up with demand. The only reason we don’t run more is because we’ve maxed out our breaker box (I’m working on that!). Instead of raising prices to match demand we just work harder and longer hours and find ways to decrease costs and increase production while still providing great value products. This has worked well for us so far and has allowed us to keep prices low while everything is going up elsewhere. With that being said, the cost of doing business has increased significantly as we’ve scaled up. In order to continue providing great products at great prices I need to increase prices. I’ll continue working hard to make our products accessible to the little guys and provide the BEST VALUE out there.

Speaking of value, check out what my fellow Texan and customer did earlier this year. He bought a suppressor from us for $20 or $25 (the older UNF suppressor with helical insert and smooth finish), took a very blurry picture of it, and auctioned it on eBay, with little to no description, for over $40!

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with it long enough to see how high it sold for. There was still a day left with 12 watchers!

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

38 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Price Increases

  1. Dude how did I not know about these suppressors? I stumbled on your website by chance and lucked out. I can’t believe I got a .30 cal suppressor for $38. You could charge $50, I would have still bought it. The only other $50 (B4 taxes) option was out of stock and after that it jumps to $100. Wish I would of known about buckrails years ago. get your bread man, your living the dream. Now I just need one for my HP max.457 it would need a m18x1 female threaded suppressor. And most likey made of atleast aluminum. You might aswell take over the game. Everywhere else is charging $200 or more for a .457 LDC. I could but a another PCP with that. Or DYI it. Best of luck.

  2. Bought a suppressor for my Beeman 1357. Much quieter. Just bought barrel band. Ordered a bi-pod from someone else. You were out. Got notified you had them back in stock. Cancelled other order and ordered yours for a few bucks more. Figured yours would be better. I’m a vet myself. And would rather purchase from a vet and spend my money on American made when possible. You gotta make your money so do what you gotta do. Keep up your quality and people won’t care.

  3. After watching several videos and reading the great reviews on your line of projects, I decided to take a leap of faith and buy the 30 caliber moderator! I literally don’t have the air rifle yet! Putting the cart before the horse for sure, but, when it comes to veteran owned businesses, I can never give enough back in gratitude! You definitely have my respect for your service and business philosophy. Looking forward to posting your product when I get my Umarex Gauntlet G2 (30cal). Here’s to the future and to you growing success!

  4. i have no problem with that . every thing is going up thanks to BIDEN .your products are first rate . thanks from

  5. I have never seen a business, small or any other size notify their customers that they were sorry but they are going to have to raise prices. I have several of your items and am about to order some more. I recommend you to all the air gunners I know and many of them have purchased from you. Having to increase prices in this current climate is not surprising at all. Believe me, we air gunners appreciate the products you make for us and the low price that you sell them for. I just hope that you make enough money to be rewarded for all the time and effort that you and your family put into your business. I wish you nothing but success in all your future endeavors. The only problem I have had with your products is that every time you come out with something new I am forced to buy a new gun, oh the horror of it all!! Don’t tell my wife!! Good luck, Jerry

  6. I would like you to know how impressed with the products I’ve purchased from So far . A 1322 moderator modified to fit a 362 . A moderator for an Av Avenger 25 , and the barrel band for the Avenger that’s not yet installed looks awesome .. thank you for keeping it affordable to modify these things .

    1. Thank you Mike!

  7. Thank you Terry for putting in the hard work that you do to make these products for all of us.I think I speak for everyone who have bought your products and really appreciate you trying to keep cost down that everybody can afford your products. I think you have taught your children well what hardwork means.
    P.s. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on all the newest products that you are developing.

    1. Thank you very much Jake!

  8. Bud you are a little low on your price. It’s cool go up some don’t rape us lol. I’m waiting for you to make some stuff for my Benjamin Marauder rifle.

    1. Yeah, we’ll still be cheap. I definitely need to get me an M-Rod and see what can be done!

  9. You did good. Business is growing, making money, sounds like the family is doing ok. Just keep up the good work and try to improve, even a tiny bit at a time.
    Stay safe

    1. Thank you Mike! Good words. That’s the plan. Little by little.

  10. I’ve ordered a few times, and have items in my cart now that I’ll be buying. After the increase I will still continue to buy. Excellent, excellent products. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you for your business and thanks for your support!

  11. All good my friend you still have a customer for life with me

    1. Thank you very much. I don’t take that for granted!

  12. Congratulations on your success!

    1. Thank you Sir. And thanks for your business. Your parts are headed out today for a Monday delivery!

  13. Inflation sucks,Terry. Gotta do what you Gotta do!

  14. Your story is nothing short of amazing Terry! I’ve pitched you on my a/g videos and will continue to do so! We understand the price increase, just dont stop doing what you’re doing….we need you in the A/G world!! G.Whitfield/YouTube.

    1. Thank you Sir. I appreciate your support! Lord willing, I’ll just keep my head down and plow away!

  15. This day and time, I can fully understand the necessity for increasing prices. I appreciate the work y’all do and look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

    1. Thank you very much John!

  16. I totally understand needing a price increase. I thought you was a little low priced anyway. Make me a silencer for my Diana Stormrider please. It has the same threads as the chaser does and you make those already. I have the Chaser one on it and it’s too loud so needs to be bigger with more baffles I guess. That’s your expertise on what makes them quieter.

  17. Terry,
    Thanks for the email and explanation, although no explanation was required. I say, by all means make the necessary adjustment in prices. I’m sure that even after July 1st your prices will STILL be the best in the industry. I’ve only bought a few items from you, but they were all excellent and a great bargain. I only have a few pellet guns myself, but it appears you are supporting the hobby across many platforms, thank you for that effort.


    1. Thank you very much Rod!

  18. Terry,
    As a consumer I enjoy your great quality products at an outstanding price. As a common sense person I think your inventory is under-priced by 50-100%.

    I once this is a whole different can-of-worms, but have you shipped to the UK or EU yet?

    Keep up the good work during these difficult times.


    1. Thank you very much Jerry! We’ve shipped all over the world. Mostly Canada, Netherlands, UK, and Germany but we are reaching all over. International shipping has been nightmarish, so I occasionally get burned out and shut it down, lol.

      1. Terry,
        True, the increased effort and time reduce the benefits of extra business when it comes to international shipping.

        I hope that your business grows large enough so you can farm-our logistics to a trusted source.


  19. Hi Terry at Buck Rail,

    I’m Nick T in Blandford St Mary, Blandford Forum, Dorset, England, UK.

    I’ve bought 2 of your Silencers/ Suppressors / Moderators for my Daisy Powerline 415, BB .177 Cal Air Pistol.

    If it wasn’t for your great products, I wouldn’t have been able to plink away in my garden (you say “backyard”), because your Silencers suppress the report / “noise” so much that it doesn’t bother the neighbours! Also, I don’t know exactly HOW, but my Daisy 415 Air Pistol seems to be MORE accurate with your Silencer / Suppressor!!! Go figure!!!

    Keep On, Keeping On Terry, as your Silencers/ Suppressors/ Moderators, that I got from you are THE BEST, & World Beaters as far as I’m concerned!!! Please share my Testimony if you wish!

    May God’s Blessings be with you all, now and always (All-ways!).

    Respect and Kind Regards,


    Nick T,
    Blandford St Mary,
    Blandford Forum,
    DT11 9PP.

    1. Nick, thank you very much for the encouragement and the good word!

  20. You have always been reasonable and fair with your pricing. As a small business owner myself, I know how hard it can be to make some of these decisions. Maintain the variety and quality, as well as the attention to customer service that you’ve already established and I, for one, will continue to buy your stuff! Love it!

    1. Thank you JD. I appreciate the great advice!

  21. Keep cranking my friend.
    If your product degrades in any manner or your shipping gets clutsie and your designs begin to suck, then someone may complain. In the mean time rationally raise your prices and I don’t believe your business will suffer.
    I, for one, will sing your praise or be the first to tell ya if I think your messing up!

    1. Thank you very much Bob! Not sucking is a top priority!

  22. Understand completely. Thank you for the heads up. Best to you.

    1. Thank you Mark1

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