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Benjamin Akela Barrel Band

By popular demand, I’ve added a barrel band. This wasn’t my plan, but I’m only a man. I hope you’re a fan.

Little sad looser tri-rail on the left and big crowd-pleasing barrel banded tri-rail on the right

Check it out here:

5 thoughts on “Benjamin Akela Barrel Band

  1. I have this barrel band and it works great. I also want a brace for the optics rail. I had to get a forward mount to get enough eye relief for my scope so having a brace under that long rail is going to be essential.

  2. The barrel band is a great addition. The shrouded barrel on mine both rests on (and scratches) the two stock bands as the barrel slides t I’mo a different spot on the air tube after every shot. The bottom rail will also be a great improvement over the stock rail, which attaches using only a single bolt. Plus, using your mount for a bipod, the bolt for the sling will no longer be in front of the bipod. Benjamin sure made some stupid mistakes on the design. The engineers at Kral, who makes this gun, probably should be help partially responsible too for not pointing these clear design flaws to Crosman/Benjamin.

    1. You may want to consider making a band to support the optics rail too. It droops due another design flaw by Benjamin, as they use a single bolt to attach the optics rail.

      1. I agree with James. I’d like an Akela optics rail support.

        Note: My optics rail is attached with two bolts.

        1. Yes, two bolts. Sorry. Still droops, even with a mid-weight scope. Because it would be such a small part, perhaps, Terry should package it with the tri-rail for a few bucks more??

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