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Back in Stock, Suppressor Changes, and Other News

This is just a quick update on some things that I’ve been working on and some stock updates.

2240 Adjustable Stock Kits – These are finally back in stock, but I’m about to run out of the buttstocks soon. I have more coming in any day now… You can still buy the buffer tubes and get your MILSPEC buttstock somewhere else. When I get the next batch of buttstocks in there will be two options to choose from. Currently no ETA on this…

Diana Chaser Suppressors – These are back in stock. They went out of stock for a bit while I made some changes. They are now textured on the exterior, I’ve removed the helical insert, reduced the taper, added some laser engraving “FOR AIRGUNS ONLY MADE IN TEXAS, USA” and…. lowered the price!

1/2″ UNF Suppressors – I’ve made the same changes to the look and geometry of the 1/2″ UNF suppressor, but I’ve changed the inserts rather than remove them. They were stainless helical inserts that I would occasionally jack up and cause misalignment. Now they are solid-wall steel EZ Lok Inserts. They are more robust and take less time to install, allowing me to make a big improvement to our most popular item without raising the price!

QB78 Suppressors – So far these have been a disappointment. I received lots of requests for this suppressor, so I bought me a Beeman QB78 Deluxe from amazon and got to work. I made an adapter much like our 880 suppressor that worked great on my airgun. Unfortunately, it couldn’t even be installed on some others. At least not the ones who were willing to give feedback. Come to find out (with the help of a great customer who reached out on GTA), Beeman makes these airguns with two barrel sizes: 14mm and 15mm. Mine is 14mm. Others are 15mm. These may be dead in the water already, but I went ahead and made some in two sizes and added an option to select from 14 or 15mm adapters anyway.

Diana AR Conversion Parts – Coming very soon folks. Thanks for your patience. I’m just trying to get caught up before I add these to my workload. Expecting to get these out in the next couple of days.

12 thoughts on “Back in Stock, Suppressor Changes, and Other News

  1. You keep running your business your way. Everything I get from you guys is awesome. Keep up good work. People just have to wait for awesome parts. Trust me it will be worth to wait. Family first others can wait. Your the best GB in Texas

    1. Thank you very much Gary!

  2. You didn’t get a deluxe, or they changed to callout. Mine is a deluxe and what made it so was the 15mm barrel and a gold trigger. I have had it for a few years so no telling what has changed since then. At some point I will have to get one for the 15m barell and see what it does.

    1. Yeah, beats me. Amazon listings can be weird sometimes. I thought it was strange that it looked the same, but included the word “deluxe”. Now I know.

  3. Off subject but may I ask what modeling software you utilize and additionally are you game at looking at some ideas that I want nothing for but might inspire you and you can freely run with? I’m still totally stoked from everything I got from you for my rigs and I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can do some 50 yard testing. Feel free to delete this if I have messed up this blog.

    1. Thanks for your business. I use Fusion 360. I have a list a mile long thanks to our customers, but I’m always open to new ideas. Feel free to contact me through the contact form. Just don’t like putting my email out there for spammers.

  4. So it’s me again,HA !!! What about the suppressor for a Vantage 82 .22 NP, you know the one with the 2″x6″ wood stock and weighs the same as a fully loaded M1 Garand, HA!!! I get 1/2″groups at 20 yards with H&N Domed … Love this gun just loud… Get one and play around… Thanks and best of wishes…

    1. Hey, yes. That is on my list! Thank you!

  5. I’m waiting {not so) patiently for this. Please make it a pre-order while I have some money in my grubby hands. ?

    1. They’re up now! I’m honestly scared of pre-orders. That’s why I fly under-the-radar for now. 3d printing is soo slow. That’s why I need so many printers to keep up with the little business that I have. I’m running out of room, though!

  6. I’m watching the calendar!

    1. Finally up. I’m sorry for the wait!

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