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Diana Bandit, Chaser, and Airbug AR Conversion

The Diana AR Conversion kits are here! I’ve really enjoyed developing these parts and have found our favorite backyard plinker in these little carbines. I’ve already set up a couple for friends and family as well. I think they are great and I hope you do to! Here is the installation video with more detail.

If you have any issues with these parts please reach out to me and give me a chance to fix it. I try to think of everything, but I do make mistakes. You can count on that, but you can also count on me to take responsibility and get it fixed or otherwise make it right. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m making perfect parts. I’m not. These are 3d printed parts. 3d printing is great for prototyping and not so much for manufacturing. They do, however, allow me to quickly design, build, improve, and sell stuff that folks want at great prices. I will continue to improve quality and upgrade our equipment and manufacturing methods. For now, I’m just a dude designing airgun parts in his kids’ bedroom, printing them in his garage, assembling them on his bedroom floor, selling them internationally, and trying to give his chickens a good life whilst remaining a free man, as much as it depends on him!

Check out the listing HERE

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to do all that! I’ll keep working hard, adding value wherever I can, and making great products at great prices!

Thanks for lookin’ y’all!


16 thoughts on “Diana Bandit, Chaser, and Airbug AR Conversion

  1. Do you send parts to europe? I’ve been trying to design basically these parts in Fusion 360 but I’ve not great.

    1. Phil, I apologize for the delay. I use Fusion 360 as well. It was a bit tricky to come up with something that works and prints well in ABS, but it was a fun challenge. We do ship to the UK!

  2. Received my AR conversion kit for a Diana Chaser and I’m loving the difference in aesthetics and the familiarity of the feel.

    Mahalo nui loa!

    Now to deal with that pesky factory moderator mount…

  3. I am so glad that I found your website. I’ve been looking for a Diana Bandit carbine conversion for my 22 pistol. What a difference this stock makes. More accurate, lightweight and much more fun to shoot. I have the Diana storm rider gen 2 Woodstock and this is even more fun and backyard and garage friendly to play with. Thank you for the quick turnaround time and the installation was easily done from watching your installation video. I would definitely recommend your product to anyone that’s interested in this conversion.

  4. I bought the AR conversion kit for
    the Diana Chaser, what an easy install and looks really cool! In the picture above what scope and adapter do you have on the chaser?and would it have enough clearance to slide in the diana 7shot .22 magazine

  5. I now have suppressor kits and scope mounts for my 1377 and 1322. I also ordered recently the AR butt stock and adapter. My adapter twists from side to side. Can I glue this with some Loctite Black Max which is Cryanoaculate or is there some else I can do? Also the roll pin in the butt stock is driven through the outside of the hole it was made for. That’s not affecting the function of it but it’s there and I thought you should know about and also know you don’t make this stock, but it is great quality except for the little flaw. I also got a couple suppressors for my father in laws Gauntlet and Benjamin Armada. I really like the finish of these and think you should offer that for the 13xx pistols. Overall really happy with your products and good value for price and recommend them to people and like supporting a little guy having fun and helping his family and chickens too. I also have an Origin and would like to know if you have a suppressor to fit it or an adapter for threads. Mine has an internal baffling piece that my father in laws doesn’t have so not sure if they are different in other ways.

    1. Geoff, thanks for your business. The loose adapter is an easy fix. Just need to tighten the bolt. I’ll shoot you an email.

  6. Great video. Now I have a reason to purchase a Bandit (the wood grip is what has kept me from buying one to date). Terry, can you tell me if the moderator on the Bandit is loc-tited on, as it is in the Chaser Kit? Or can it simply be screwed off by hand? Thanks.

    1. James, thank you! Unfortunately it is locked in with adhesive. I’ve been told that you can remove the barrel, heat the threaded portion with a heat gun, and it comes right off. I have not tried that and I’m sure you’ll risk warranty and finish. The suppressor can be disassembled though. The cap, tube, and baffles can all be disassembled by hand. You just can’t remove the part that threads on to the muzzle without some extra persuasion.

      1. Bummer, but kind of what I expected. It’s my understanding Snowpeak uses the loctite on all Diana models with moderators/suppressors headed to North America because of Canada’s strict regulations.

        I’ve tried just about every method found online for removing the moderators that have loctite. My favorite, and the method I now use exclusively, is to disassemble the moderator (as you pointed out can be done), and just stick the remaining aluminum threaded end of the suppressor and muzzle in boiling water until it will come loose by hand.

        Thanks for the info.

  7. No. Not fixed ad of 11:00 pm eastern on 2/1. I would have ordered this along with the Akela Tri-Mount I just ordered (if I could have).

    1. I knew I could find a way to mess this up! lol. I know it’s fixed now because orders are coming through. I’m about out of buttstocks though.

  8. Terry,
    There is a glitch in your site that does not allow me to select & order the Diana conversion parts. Unless you have not yet made them available to purchase.

    1. Yes, thank you. Fixed now I think.

  9. Price for the shortest Bandit forearm unit w/ stock and lower please .$$$$$$ goes out tomorrow.

    1. Mike, it’s $86 with the buttstock, but I’m about to run out already. $65 without the buttstocks. By the time it gets to me I may have more! Or I can just give you one of my own.

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