Beeman QB78 Suppressor

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Beeman QB78 Suppressor

  • Designed and 3D Printed in ABS in the US by a veteran/family-owned business
  • Tested on the Beeman QB78 deluxe. Select from 14mm or 15mm adapter size
  • Comes with everything you need. Adapter, Thread Cap, and Suppressor included
  • Easy install. Doesn’t require any modification to the stock airgun
  • FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA. Ships same or next business day via USPS




PLEASE NOTE: Beeman offers these airguns in two barrel sizes. The only way to know what barrel size you have is to measure it, as far as I know. Please measure your barrel and select the size that will best fit your airgun. I don’t know how tight or loose Beeman’s tolerances are. If it is too tight you may need to sand or drill out the ID to get the fit you need. If you’re not comfortable with this please do not purchase. I’m just trying to provide a niche service at a great price.

This kit includes a threaded clamping adapter, suppressor, and thread protector. The suppressor adapter was designed for and tested on the Beeman QB78 Deluxe, but it should be compatible with other airguns in the Beeman Power Series. The adapter doesn’t require any modifications to the airgun. It just slides onto the barrel and clamps on with two stainless steel socket cap screws and nuts. It uses the same threaded suppressor and air stripper as our Crosman 1077, M4-177, 880 and 13XX kits. The suppressor includes 7 cone-shaped internal baffles. If you’d like to shoot without the suppressor you can install the faux stripper as a thread protector.

You have the option to select the adapter only. The adapter will come with the thread protector, but no suppressor. You might select this option if you already have one of our UNI Suppressors and don’t mind using the same one on multiple airguns and want to save yourself some moneys!

To install:

  • Ensure adapter socket cap screws are loosened
  • Slide adapter onto barrel shroud while aligning slot with front sight post until bottomed out
  • Use an allen wrench to tighten the cap screws on the adapter
  • Thread on the suppressor or thread protector as desired

PLEASE NOTE: I used to make the suppressor with a larger opening than necessary to avoid any clipping issues, but have decided to tighten it up for maximum report suppression. This will increase the likelihood of pellet clipping. If the accuracy of your airgun is affected you may need to drill out your suppressor little by little until the accuracy is no longer affected. If you are not comfortable with this please do not purchase. But it’s not bad. The drill bit will self-align using the baffles like a pilot hole. Make sure you remove the suppressor from the airgun before you drill it out.

Additional information

Weight2.4 oz
Dimensions5.75 × 2.25 × 1 in
Barrel Size

14mm, 15mm


Adapter Only, Adapter and Suppressor

6 reviews for Beeman QB78 Suppressor

  1. Gerald (verified owner)

    I just installed one of these on a Beeman chief. Its the single shot 2000 psi rifle. I have to say that I am impressed by how much it quieted the gun. Now the biggest thing you hear is the hammer spring. Prior to using it the gun sounded very much like a 22 long rifle going off. I should not have been surprised by this because everything else I have bought from Terry has performed in much the same way. Once again Kudos to you Terry, and thanks for another great product.

  2. harold campbell (verified owner)

    works great ,good quality.dropped the sound of my qb78 too near nothing ,thanks!

  3. Gary Stewart (verified owner)

    After having problems with the adapter, which was my fault, I ordered a second one in the new 15 size and it slipped right on. Shot it yesterday, works great. I was given a full refund for the one I damaged, even though it was my fault for not reading the full description. Great customer service, great products.

  4. Gary (verified owner)

    The adapter does not fit the QB78S. I tried to gently tap it on when it would not just slide on and it cracked, my fault should have just returned it. If you make one larger for the 78S I would like to try again. I really like the Diana supressor and thicker Crossman forend pump arm I ordered earlier.

  5. Jerry (verified owner)

    Thanks for offering to replace it. I’ll sand the inside of the new one if its as tight as the first one.

  6. Jerry (verified owner)

    I loosened the screws all the way but when installing the adapter broke. I super glued it together and it will probably be ok as long as I don’t bump it against something. It was very tight going on so I tried pushing and twisting it but it still broke.

    • Terry

      Jerry, I’ll be happy to make it right. I sent you an email.

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