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Diana Airbug Suppressors

Diana Airbug Suppressors Are Here

We had close to 100 folks subscribed to the Diana Airbug suppressors and I somehow broke the back-in-stock notifier. So here is your notification! They are back… and they are different. I know not everyone will love the changes, but the functionality has been much improved. The fitment has been made more reliable, the finish dramatically improved, and it is now secured to the barrel with two set screws. Compatible with our UNI suppressors and thread protector.

Much of these changes were driven by customer feedback. I hope you like it as much as we do. The above airgun is my daughter’s and it has been well used.

I’m trying a new stock idea as well. What do you think? This style allows for much more customization in LOP, Carbine Tube or AR308 Tube, Side Folder or No, Fixed or Adjustable stocks, Milspec or commercial, and so on… It will be compatible with the Airbug, Bandit, and Chaser airguns and their non-US counterparts.

Thank you for your business and thank you for your support! It’s not taken for granted and we’re working hard to earn it.



2 thoughts on “Diana Airbug Suppressors

  1. I have Your suppressors for Crosman. Amassing work. Thanks a lot for brilliant craftsmanship. 3D but would you do them in metal? Anyway full support from here.

  2. I have one and it’s so quiet n accurate. No complaints from my neighbors. Localguy8

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