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DonnyFL, Side Folders, and Other News

New Products

Howdy folks. It’s been a bit since I talked at y’all. I’m still at it and have a lot of good stuff in the works. First off, I’m happy to announce that we are now selling and shipping DonnyFL suppressor adapters. We currently have six models on offer, but will likely supply whatever folks are requesting. If you’re already here to buy a suppressor, you might as well get the adapter from the same place all in one go. Also, If you buy the suppressor and adapter together, you get a discount. If you buy the adapter alone, you don’t get a discount, but you get free shipping. If none of those things appeal to you then go right ahead and get them from Donny. They’re a great American company and you won’t regret it either way. This is more of a convenience to our customers. Here’s what we’re starting with: Akela/Kratos, Kral Puncher Breaker, Marauder Rifle, Armada, Fortitude, Marauder Pistol, Avenger/Origin, Gauntlet, and Beeman Underlever. I chose these, because we already sell a lot of direct fit suppressors for these airguns. I will likely be discontinuing much of our direct fit suppressors to make room for other products that I’m working on and free up printers to work on other things.

Beeman 2027 Side Folders

I’ve made some changes to our Beeman 2027 grip adapter to improve the fit and function of the Poor Man’s Side Folder on that platform. The rear pic rail has been moved further rearward so that you can turn the Side Folder upside-down, clear the bolt, and get the hinge pin off of your hand/wrist. I should have done this before, but it simply didn’t occur to me until we started getting some complaints. An advantage of getting the side folder over the fixed stock is the ability to make adjustments to the hammer spring on the fly. Just fold the stock over, make your adjustment, and fold it back. If you mount our Micro Red Dot on it you can co-witness with the tall front sight post. It helps a lot with accuracy and developing a consistent cheek weld. I’m having a lot of fun with this platform.As you can see below, we’ve also added an M-Lok Handguard option for the Beeman 2027.

Marauder Pistol Side Folder

I’ve made a similar change to the Benjamin Marauder Pistol adapter. I’ve extended it rearward to clear the bolt as well. You can see what I mean in the picture below:

Like I said, I should have done this originally, but I didn’t. Sorry about that. If you own one of these in the older model I’ll be happy to replace it. Just reach out to Chris and he’ll get you fixed up with a replacement. Just be patient with us while I try to print enough for everyone who takes me up on it!

Other Projects

A long time customer suggested that we offer a fixed minimalist stock for the 13XX. I have working prototypes for the Marauder Pistol, Crosman 13XX, 2240, Diana Airbug, Bandit, and Chaser, and have one in the works for the Beeman 2027. In order to get an adult LOP they need to be longer than most of my printers can print. The printers that I print the Stormrider and Avenger Handguards on are working 24/7 to keep up with Avenger kits. I’ll need to get more of those printers setup, which means I need more power, which means it may be a bit, but I’m on it and it’s going to happen. I’m thinking I’ll provide two different buttpads to suit different preferences. Below is the prototype for the PRod.

Tactical Conversion Kits

A lot. Too many to say. I’ll get myself in trouble if I told you all the airguns I’m planning on tackling. Just know that I’m working on it and there will be a lot of news to come on those.


As I said earlier, I’ll likely discontinue many of our direct fit suppressors, but I plan on replacing them with affordable options that can be manufactured more reliably. I have it mind to take the same approach I took with our Crosman 13XX suppressor. Very tough MJF Nylon adapters with a common full polymer suppressor. I would work with another manufacturer to make the many polymer adapters and I’ll just focus on the all polymer suppressor. I’m experimenting with Quick Disconnect threads and it’s looking very promising. None of these ideas are new, but there’s certainly nothing like it widely available on the market. I’ll be posting casual updates on Facebook and Instagram as I make progress on those.

That’s all I have for now folks. Thank you for your business and thank you for your support. I love what I do and will keep working hard at making great products at great prices for great customers!


Terry Harman

17 thoughts on “DonnyFL, Side Folders, and Other News

  1. How about a side folder for the Benjamin Trail NP Mk2?

  2. Hi I am interested in this but it’s for the 25cal 1st gen.not the newer 2nd gen is this avail for the 1st 25 cal?????with a adapter for a suppressor ???? Thankyou for your time in answering for me

  3. Rick Eunsler (sp) on Air Gun Web TV did a review of the Beeman under folder and just was in awe of your awesome engineering on your moderator. Maybe keep this one in your inventory……

  4. Terry makes a 14×1 LH moderator . Same as the MP40 and the DPMS carbine and pistol.

  5. Are u still going to be making those awesome 1.25 straight side moderators WITH that 1/2-20 steel insert ? If not I’m gonna need to order a few more before they go away.

    please advise.

    1. Howdy Mike. I plan on keeping the UNFs, M14x1LH, Bulldog 357, 2240, and 13XX suppressors. Everything else may be phased out. I’m especially looking to get rid of the Avenger, Gauntlet, M-Rod, P-Rod, and Beeman Underlever suppressors in time.

  6. Interested in getting a short shroud and adapter for my Gauntlets 2 25 & 30 calibers. Let me know if you have plans for their production.

  7. Man I’m excited to see what you have planned do you have all the stuff for the avenger tactical conversion in stock? Just let me know my friend have a blessed weekend

    1. Hey Donnie. Thank you very much. I apologize for the delay. I have everything, but the buttstocks. We are expecting them to come in today, though.

  8. Thanks for all of your hard work Terry! I will be getting the M-Rod & Gauntlet adapters along with a couple of your 1/2×20 moderators. Can’t wait to do a video with them!

    1. Thank you Jason!

  9. The mount is solid with zero wobble and it sure looks awesome on a 1322!
    Here’s a couple of pictures showing it with the short and long buttpads.

    1. Looking good! Thank you Sir! I’m looking forward to making these available. Thank you for the suggestion.

  10. Hi Terry. I am an existing customer. I have the Beretta M9A3 BB pistol. It has threading at the end. Would any of the Donny L adapters work on the end of this. Or would one of your existing suppressors then work and / or then work with an adapter.

    I copied, from the pistol description at Pyramid Air, what the threading is. Thank you in advance, Dennis

    Threaded muzzle for mock suppressor (M14x1 counter clockwise threads)

    1. Hello Dennis. I apologize for the delay. We do offer a suppressor with that thread pattern here:

      It is 1.375 inches in diameter. The suppressor will interfere with your iron sights. You would need another means of aiming.

  11. Hi Terry,
    You have a great business.
    You provide such quality products at such attractive prices that people like me can afford and do things to our airguns that just seemed like a dream before you came along.
    It sounds like you have some great ideas and products coming.
    You always seem to listen to the people for what they want.
    And you’re very open with it all.
    Wish you all the best personally and in business.
    Don’t forget us little guys that enjoy and can afford such quality products that you provide.
    Thanks so much,
    Thomas Catracchia
    Beaver Pa.

    1. Thank you very much Sir! The little guys built this business. I won’t forget that. Unless I bonk my head or the 3D printer fumes finally get to me, or… what was I saying?

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