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Update on Diana Chaser, Bandit, & Airbug Kits

Upgraded Diana Stock Tubes

I forgot about these until they arrived on my doorstep! The Diana Chaser, Bandit, and Airbug Stock Tubes have been upgraded! There is now no sanding required. It is much like our 13XX and 2240 stock tubes with a machined steel adapter, steel bolt, and printed tube. I just threw the old ones out. All orders that are shipped from now on will be shipped with the new tubes.

I’m sorry about the poor quality video. I rushed it out so I could get these to you before I go back to work!

If you’d like to upgrade from the old stock tube use coupon code DIANAUPGRADE for a 50% discount. This is only going out to our subscribers and this just to cover our costs. The coupon code will expire on Saturday, 12/24/2022!

Thank you!


12 thoughts on “Update on Diana Chaser, Bandit, & Airbug Kits

  1. Terry,

    I just got both of my Diana Stock Tubes today and…… WOW!

    It took a second to figure out the tension using the rear grip bolt as the anchor and the bolt nut as the tensioner.

    This thing is ROCK SOLID now, no wiggle, no movement at all! Good job and thanks for the discount.


  2. Hey Terry: I just saw Ur post on the upgraded Diana Bandit stock tube. I have the original and want to upgrade (dianaupgrade) but I am too stupid to figure out how to order. I have many of Ur upgrades (bandit, P-rod, supp.) I am already on the email list.

  3. Hey T you back runnin those presses again eh?..just in time dude LMFAO🥳 Hey you should send yer subscribers Xmas ecards too besides upcoming added attractions..just sayin👍 Ok this T just sendin a MERRY XMAS shoutout fer y’all🎄

    1. Merry CHRISTmas Tyrus

  4. It just gets better all the time! I ordered the Diana Stock Tube for both kits this morning, and I can’t wait to install them! Awesome upgrade, thank-you again! More strength and durability! – Craig.

  5. I just ordered my 4th stock tube. Makes a great little squirrel gun with your accessories. Thats exactly what it needed. If I get the old one can I trade it in on the new model ?

    1. Mr. Bullard, thank you very much for your repeat business! I just sent you an email.

  6. Will I receive the new tube with the order I made tonight?

    1. Hello. Yes! Thank you for your business!

  7. It’s to bad you don’t sell to your neighbors to the north anymore, as you are one heck of a talented young man, and your prices are more than fair. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Thank you very much Mark! Wes, at can get you whatever you need, except suppressors. Just shoot him an email and let him know what you want. He’s very fair as well and great to do business with! Merry Christmas!

      1. Thanks for the heads up Terry!

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