AR Conversion for Diana Bandit, Chaser, and Airbug

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Diana AR Conversion Parts

I humbly entreat you, nay, beseech you on bended knee to read the whole folkin’ description and watch the video before purchasing!

This listing is for 3 items. All of which are used to convert a Diana Bandit, Chaser, or Airbug into an AR carbine or pistol. You must click the “add” checkbox to add each item to the bundle. Place the grip and another AR part in your cart and enter code DIANA10 to apply a 10% discount. You must go to the cart page in order to enter the coupon. I don’t know how to make it automatically apply.

The Tri-Rail and Adjustable stock are not compatible with the stock grip/stock! You must, either, remove your stock Diana grip and install our AR Lower/Grip Adapter or you must modify your stock grip.

I came up with these parts to fill a need. I would rather have them injection molded or machined from aluminum, etc. but that is not on the table at the moment. However, I do hope to have those capabilities one day and take the airgun world by storm, muahahaha… For now, 3d printing it is. I’m not claiming that these parts are as strong as or stronger than injection molded parts. But I do stand behind all of our parts and want to make sure every customer is satisfied. If you are unsatisfied or have ANY issues with these parts just let me know and I’ll be happy to offer advice, apologize profusely, take them back, send replacement, refund, and so on…

PLEASE NOTE: Only tighten the grip screw as little as is needed to secure the grip. Once there is no movement in the grip, stop tightening. With some grips, it will crack if overtightened. I ship the AR lowers with a grip pre-installed.

These parts do not come with paper instructions. Please check out the video below for more details and to see the installation process BEFORE purchasing:

Diana Bandit, Chaser, and Airbug AR Lower

  • 3D printed in ABS plastic in the USA by a veteran-owned business
  • Allows for mounting AR-compatible grips on the Bandit, Chaser, and Airbug
  • Comes with the hardware needed for installation and a cheapo grip
  • Includes M5 grip screw. Grip screw threads into stainless steel square nut
  • FREE Shipping within the USA! Ships same or next business day via USPS

Diana Bandit, Chaser, and Airbug Adjustable Stock

  • 3D printed in Polycarbonate plastic in the USA by a veteran-owned business
  • Must modify the stock grips or purchase our Diana AR Lower kit to install
  • Turns the Diana Bandit, Chaser, or Airbug into an AR style carbine
  • 10 - 14" adjustable length-of-pull. Suitable for kids and adults
  • Some light sanding may be necessary to get the buffer tube to fit(must be tight)
  • Free Shipping within the USA. Ships same or next business day via USPS

Diana Bandit, Chaser, and Airbug Tri-Rail

  • 3D printed in ABS plastic in the USA by a veteran-owned business
  • Adds 3 picatinny/weaver accessory rails to the Bandit, Chaser, or Airbug
  • Select "Long" for the Bandit or "Short" for the Chaser and Airbug
  • Not compatible with stock grips. Must modify or use with our Diana AR Lower
  • FREE Shipping within the USA. Ships same or next business day via USPS

Additional information

Weight4.7 oz
Dimensions6 × 4.75 × 1.25 in


With Standard Buttstock, With Minimalist Buttstock, Without Buttstock


Long Rail for Bandit, Short Rail for Chaser/Airbug

12 reviews for AR Conversion for Diana Bandit, Chaser, and Airbug

  1. Don Brewer (verified owner)

    Just got the grip and mounted it up for my Diana Bandit. Fits great and is 100% better feel then the stock grip. Great product at a fantastic price.

  2. John Lefevers (verified owner)

    Very nice fit and finish definitely improved accuracy for me but to be totally honest it just looks frickin awesome lol

  3. Jerry (verified owner)

    Great kit everything worked and fits great. Just like having a new air gun. Great company to deal with as well as great products. If you see anything you need or like don’t hesitate to purchase you won’t be disappointed in product or service. Thank you for your service to this great country.

  4. Mike Lux (verified owner)

    Another QUALITY product from Terry! Easy to install. When u do the sanding on the mounting lug be aware that mine was egg shaped. 3:00 /9:00 was .750. 12:00 /6:00 was .760. The ID of the body tube is .750 . Once sanded a drop of Ballistol or Crosman oil will aid in the installation. (wipe off any excess.} It was easier sanding with the sliding stock off the tube.

    Terry’s kit is what Diana should have done !

  5. Bill Spencer (verified owner)

    Great kit for the Diana Chaser. Easy to install. Buffer tube did have a slight up and down wobble but fixed with a shim between the gun and tube. Didn’t really won’t to take the barrel out to install the fore grip, but it was not too hard. Might suggest Buck Rail to make this into a two piece item that would sandwich between the barrel thus eliminating the removal of the barrel. Might also suggest Buck Rail to put a picatinny rail on top of the fore grip in order to mount scopes or red dots. You can’t go wrong with this kit. Thanks Buck Rail.

  6. Patrick (verified owner)

    Great fit. fast shipping, very very happy with everything.

  7. Vitali (verified owner)

    Got an entire kit for my Diana Chaser and only one thing that I can say about that – truly best airgun related purchase I have ever made. Can’t force myself to stop using it. Such amazing invention by Buck Rail. Thank you very much!

  8. Tynan Whitby (verified owner)

    I bought this as an adapter to attach a target style grip to my chaser. I was able to find a AR grip (ergo tactical flat top) with a palm shelf and it fit perfectly. I needed to use a longer screw (M5x30) due to the grip I chose, but it attached great and feels great. Very happy with this.

  9. Richard Cross (verified owner)

    Got all three parts for my Bandit. Had to do a little sanding on the buffer tube as described in the installation video. Also had to grind out a bit of plastic inside the trigger guard for a perfect fit. Awesome kit at a great price. Great customer service as well.

  10. Andy Hogle (verified owner)

    Really nice built conversion kit for the Diana Chaser. Very easy to add to the airgun. Just had to sand the end of the butt stock tube to fit. Really not hard at all. Makes the gun really sweet looking.

  11. EdinGa (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with this kit. My Bandit has been converted to .25, so I was concerned that the handguard wouldn’t fit, but it did. Like the previous reviewer said, a little light sanding, and the buffer tube slipped right in and it’s solid with no wiggle.

    I’m back with an update, and it’s a good one. I can’t believe how these parts transformed my Bandit into such a handy lightweight carbine. I knew it was pretty accurate with my cast 22 grain wadcutters, but I had no idea how much potential was there until I tried it in rifle form today. Thank you for another awesome product.

  12. TImothy (verified owner)

    A very nice kit. Everything but the butt stock mount bolted right up. NIce close tolerances, no major swearing involved. The stock support needed a little sanding with 400 grit emery paper as it was a mite too snug. Finish on the 3D printed parts is excellent. In all it makes a very handy and good-looking little carbine. Some thought was put into assembling these parts, to be sure. I’ve purchased from Buck Rail in the past, and I certainly will do so in the future. Not only was the kit top quality, shipping and communication was flawless throughout the process, and the orderr arrived quickly. No flaws that I can see.

    To add to the review above, I just finished adding a red-dot optic to the Tactical Bandit, as well as a small laser on the foregrip. Even with the accessories mounted and a full mag, the piece weighs in at 3 lbs, 8 oz. The downside is that it is limited in the number of shots — 2 or 3 mags because of the small reservoir, and stated velocity of 630 fps in .22 That yeilds about 12 foot pounds of energy — not a lot.

    However, with a small air bottle or a hand pump, the weight wouldn’t go much over 5 lbs, which suggests that this may be an ideal little gun to strao to the backpack for harassing squirrels around camp, or for doing some plinking on a fine afternoon. I’d like to see Buck Rail do a similar kit for the Stormrider — only a few modifications would be necessary, and the resulting weapon would shed some weight and be capaple of more serious shooting, with double the energy and an increased show count.

    The appropriate 11mm to Weaver mount rail is on order.

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