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Wood Composite Grips and Pumper

This is just a quick update on the wood composite grips and pump handles. They can be a bit tricky to print, but they work! I’ve printed, sanded, and finished a few sets now. Check them out!


They are printed in a Polymer/Wood composite. It is 30% wood and 70% PLA plastic. The ones in the pictures above are stained with 3 coats of Minwax Dark Walnut stain and clear coated with Minwax Helsman Semi-Gloss Spar Urethane.

They are not as fine as solid wood parts of course, but I really like the blend of traditional and new technology. They would also be cheaper than wood, but would allow me to serve the folks who aren’t into black rifles. I would offer them unfinished only, as I don’t have the time to sand and finish these. I’m trying to train my chickens to help, but their lack of ambition… and hands are proving to be difficult obstacles to overcome…

The Diana AR Conversion parts are done (AR lower, Adjustable Stock, and Tri-Rail) and my plan is to release them next week. Please be patient with me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


15 thoughts on “Wood Composite Grips and Pumper

  1. Terry, are you close to offering these grips and forearm?

    Thanks for all the good products. I have purchased several items and am pleased with all of them!

  2. This looks nice!

  3. Are these going to made in your plumper pumper version or just as stock replacements?

    1. Good question. These are Plumper Pumpers!

  4. sure looks good!

    1. Thank you Wes. I couldn’t believe how they came out. My old iPhone 5 pics don’t quite do them justice.

  5. Looks great and I’d bet very functional!

    1. Thank you John!

  6. Hello, Thanks a lot for all the effort you put in. I have a lot of your products and they work perfectly. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to see when those handles come out so I can pick up a pair. Salvador

    1. Thank you very much Salvador! I appreciate the encouragement. I have a few things to knock first, but it shouldn’t be long.

  7. They look awesome from what I see.

    1. Thank you Sir!

  8. Awesome, really look forward to everything in this post.

    1. Thank you very much!

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