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Daisy 415 and 426 Suppressors Are Back! And Other News.

415 and 426 Suppressors Are Back! And Other News

First of all, we are now setup to run all of our printers at once without tripping a breaker. This means I can print more, faster.

Secondly, I just left my full-time job. They were trying to force me to vaccinate my chickens against swine flu. Obviously, I refused. As someone else surely has said, “my chickens, my choice.” This means I will be pursuing Buck-Railness full-time now.

Lastly, now that I have all these printers printing, and can devote more affection to them, I am happy to bring back the Daisy Powerline 415 and 426 Suppressors.

13XX Adjustable Stocks are finally in. I should have them listed in the next couple of days.

2240s, AirForce TalonP, and P-Rods are next…

6 thoughts on “Daisy 415 and 426 Suppressors Are Back! And Other News.

  1. Hoping you all the luck in taking this on full time. My brother and I were just saying tonight how good and affordable your products are. We will definitely be supporting your business.

  2. Great news Terry!

  3. This is awesome news! Just ordered mine. At this point, Terry, you can figure that if I own the gun, I’m going to buy the accessory. Good luck going full time. I know how scary that can be. Doing my part where I can.

    1. Thank you Jeffery. I’ve heard it said that “a country boy can surviiive”. It’s gonna be great… or not, but we’ll be alright either way, lol.

  4. Glad you didn’t let them vaccinate your chickens so they are still Trubloods

    1. lol, thanks for your support.

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