Marauder/Fortitude/Armada Suppressor


Marauder, Armada, Fortitude Suppressor

  • Threads directly into the airgun shroud without an adapter or any hardware.
  • Compatible with the Marauder Rifle, Armada, Fortitude, Aspen, and Nova-Freedom.
  • Select from either .177/.22 Caliber or .25 Caliber before placing in cart.
  • 3d printed in tough Polycarbonate in the US by veteran/family-owned business.
  • Each suppressor thread is chased with a 13/16-28 thread die for consistent fit.
  • FREE shipping within the US. Ships same or next business day via USPS First Class.

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This suppressor is compatible with the Benjamin Marauder Rifle (M-Rod), Fortitude, Armada, Seneca Aspen, and ATI Nova Freedom. It comes in two sizes. One for .177/.22 and another for .25 caliber. Just select which caliber you need before adding to your cart.

It is printed in Polycarbonate plastic. The threads are male right hand 13/16-28. Each one is chased with a thread die after printing. The outer diameter closely matches the barrel shroud and it is textured with a honeycomb pattern that looks cool and provides better grip for installation.

This suppressor replaces the threaded cap that screws into the shroud. It does not require any tools or hardware for installation. It can be threaded on by hand or you can use a pipe wrench, channel locks, etc. with a rag or cloth wrapped around it to protect from surface damage.

To install:

  • Remove the stock shroud cap by turning it counter-clockwise.
  • You may lubricate the suppressor threads with a silicone or PTFE based lubricant to ease installation and removal.
  • Align the suppressor with the airgun shroud, insert, and rotate clockwise until fully seated.

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.177/.22, .25


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